About the trophy

What is the trophy?

Every two years since 1998, contractors from around the globe submit their most innovative Drywall systems projects in the Saint-Gobain International Gypsum Trophy.

From its origins in Paris to today, the Trophy honors those craftsmen who use our solutions in sustainability, comfort, safety, aesthetics, and modularity to make the world a better home.

Participating contractors accomplish impossible feats by combining their “know-how” with world-class materials to create high performance solutions. Some build on existing historical structures, while others create something completely new. Some projects take the power of over a thousand collaborators while others are done by one alone. These creators show their boundless creativity and should be proud of the work they are doing.

The Saint-Gobain International Gypsum Trophy is a two stage competition:

It is a showcase of Saint-Gobain’s excellence and innovation in the use of sustainable and lightweight plasterboard systems and plasters by the best contractors.

1 – National Trophy Competition
Managed by the Saint-Gobain Local leader in each country for local contractors.
2 – International Trophy Competition
Managed by the Saint-Gobain International Gypsum Trophy team for winners of the National Trophies.

Who can enter the competition?

Any plasterboard or plastering contractor or professionals specializing in the traditional craft of plastering or mounting plasterboard systems can enter the competition. Each country may enter between 1 and 6 projects, 1 project per category and per country.

There are six categories in the 13th Saint-Gobain International Gypsum Trophy:

Plasterboard Category
Plaster Category
Residential Category
Innovation Category
Non-Residential Category
Ceilings Category

New for the 13th edition 2023! Sustainability covers a broader spectrum than before and will be applied to all six categories.

Which projects can enter the competition?

• Projects must have made use of Saint-Gobain Gypsum solutions; using other Saint-Gobain solutions may increase the scoring.
• Projects must first be selected during their National Gypsum Trophy.
• Projects may not have been submitted in a previous International Trophy competition.
• Projects must be completed before December 31st, 2022 – (projects of 2020 / 2021 / 2022).

What are the Judging Criteria?

The judging criteria are divided into four main sections:


Criteria include
quality of workmanship & technical challenges and also health & safety

Contractor’s Influence

Effective or unusual use of Saint-Gobain products

Overall Project

Overall interest, originality and quality of the project. Health & Wellbeing and improved environmental impacts are also relevant factors.

Presentation quality

Presentation quality and presented material, such as drawings and pictures

New for the 13th edition! Higher scoring will be awarded for applying solutions from Saint-Gobain beyond Gypsum solutions such as Weber, Isover, Glass Adfors used by Gypsum contractors.

Key figures

New Countries


The International Jury will nominate the winners of the 15 prizes:

1st, 2nd Prize in each category, Grand Prix, President’s Prize and Facade Prize
on April 28th 2023 in Athens, Greece.

Grand Prix
For the overall winner of all categories
President’s Prize
The Jury’s “Coup de Coeur”
Facade Prize
New in the 2023 edition, a special recognition to the best scored project which includes a Gypsum facade system (e.g. Glasroc® X, Aquaroc®) even using Isover and Weber products.
1st Prize
In each category (12 prizes)
2nd Prize
In each category (12 prizes)

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