Saint-Gobain International Gypsum Trophy
April 28th 2023
Athens, Greece
What is the Trophy?

Every two years since 1998, the Saint-Gobain International Gypsum Trophy has been a unique international competition for Drywall systems projects using Saint-Gobain solutions.

Its aim is to celebrate the craftsmanship of contractors. The Gypsum Trophy is a major opportunity both for peer recognition and the promotion of craftsmanship in the international interior building community, as well as a great opportunity to stay close to our customers and promote innovative solutions for Saint-Gobain.

Meet the jury
The International Jury is composed of a mix of Saint-Gobain representatives and external professionals.

About the Trophy

Participants ceremony

It all started in Paris in 1998. Contractors from around the globe submit their most impressive Drywall systems and plaster based projects in the Saint-Gobain International Gypsum Trophy. This competition honors craftsmen, installers and plasterers, who use Saint-Gobain Gypsum solutions in sustainability (including comfort), safety, aesthetics, and modularity to build a better world. With this contest, we celebrate their accomplishments at one of the world’s biggest gypsum industry events.

Our Gypsum brands

Our Gypsum brands care about building better for people and the planet by offering solutions for walls, partitions, ceilings and facades that deliver sustainability and performance.

Saint-Gobain’s Gypsum solutions are represented by 5 brands: Gyproc®, Placo®, Rigips®, British Gypsum® and CertainTeed®. With over 13 800 employees, we provide plaster and plasterboard solutions in 39 countries, through 100 sites. From 1917 to the present day, the Gypsum’s brands benefit from more than a century of experience and innovation. At Saint-Gobain, we all have the same vision:

To be the worldwide Leader in light and sustainable construction.






Industrial Site

Our brand promises:

  • Customer Proximity
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Performance
  • Sustainability

For our gypsum brands, to care about building better for the people and the planet translates into concrete actions:

  • It means that we constantly innovate to satisfy customers’ needs. We developed the most robust plasterboard on the market with the Habito® plasterboard.
  • It means we commit to share our expertise about gypsum and help professionals to build better in all aspects thanks. We operate over 45 training academies in more than 25 countries, lending support to more than 20,000 people each year.
  • It means investing in recycling programs. Recycling services are offered in over 14 countries within our gypsum brands allowing customers to sort, collect and recycle all gypsum-based waste from the jobsite (construction, renovation and deconstruction).
  • It also means rewarding our customers’ loyalty via dedicated communities and clubs.