Edition 2016

Prague 2016

10th International Trophy

Hosted by Saint-Gobain Rigips Czech Republic


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Innovation & Sustainability
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Meet the Jury !

The International Trophy Jury is composed of an international, independent panel of gypsum industry experts. They are capable of judging the technical skills of drywall contractors and the overall performance of the systems and solutions implemented during the course of the projects. The panel is selected by the Gypsum Activity Central Marketing Team to guarantee objectivity and to ensure full comprehension of all technical aspects

Judging for the International Trophy is a demanding and challenging process. In order to ensure that all entries will be judged on an equitable basis, specific judging criteria were developed and the International Jury Committee will be selected via a thorough process. The 10th International Jury will be comprised of a mix of central experts and country delegates.

Prior to the international awards event the jury panel will meet (physically or virtually) on April 12th, 13th, 14th & 15th, 2016 to receive the project presentations and vote for each project according to the pre-defined criteria. To ensure fairness and continuity, all projects in the same category are viewed in the same session.

Ashutosh Puranik
Jury Member – Gypsum Activity Global Product Manager
Ashutosh has been in the Gypsum industry for the last 10 years. He is currently in charge of developing a market segment approach for the Hospitality sector internationally, and for the Global Product Management of indoor air quality and lightweight boards within the activity. He has a diverse and in depth knowledge of the construction products industry, with the multi comfort approach being one of his key areas of interest and expertise. He has been instrumental in leading the National Trophy event in India since its inception in 2012.
Romuald Lassagne
Jury President – Gypsum Activity Global Marketing Manager
Romuald has been in the building industry for 17 years and in the gypsum industry for 11 years. He is currently in charge of supporting the South East Asian businesses in their marketing activities, as well as being responsible for communications, branding and sustainability topics within the Activity. With a background in civil engineering, he previously worked as Marketing Communications Director for Placo in France and he has been a jury member since the 7th Saint-Gobain Gypsum International Trophy in 2010 held in Amsterdam.
Rupert Neumann
Jury Member – Gypsum Activity Global Marketing Manager
Rupert has been in the building materials industry for 20 years. This is the sixth Saint-Gobain International trophy awards which he has been involved in and the fourth time on the Jury. In addition to other marketing roles and support for a number of countries, he is also responsible for the Global Product Management of Building Plasters and Plasterboard Finishing within the activity.
Miles Ellison
Jury Member – Gypsum Activity Global Product Marketing Manager
Miles joined the building industry as an architect working in the UK on commercial projects. He has been in the Gypsum industry for over 20 years in the technical specification and design market, as well as in key account rolls. He is currently in charge of specification development in the Gypsum Activity. BIM is a topic area that he is developing for the group. Miles has been involved in the Saint-Gobain International Trophy awards for the last four events, and this will be his third time on the Jury.