Prague 2016 | Residential

St John's College Respond! Housing

IrelandIrelandCompany Name: Mythen Construction Ltd

Project description

The installer was faced with a rather unusual task in the redesign of a room in the basement of the hotel. The room had formerly been a discotheque in the 1970s and had since been disused for many years. The plan was to transform the area of about 80 square metres into a new culinary highlight in the form of an attractive wine cellar, including a stylish but atmospheric cigar lounge with 20 additional seats for wine and whisky tasting. In order to create the typical quaint and traditional flair of a wine cellar, dome and cross vaults in dry construction were added to the entire space. While the cross vaults were constructed using RIGIPS standard boards, traditional artisanal stucco gypsum was applied at the dome’s surface. In this way, the previously bare room acquired an entirely new atmosphere. In addition, the invisible ventilation technology behind the drywall construction elements provides a comfortable and healthy indoor climate even when the room is used to capacity.


Mythen Construction Ltd

Mythen Construction are a top 20 national contractor, a position we have maintained for every year for the last 5 years. Originally Mythen Bros Ltd was set up by Billy & Maurice Mythen, qualified joiners, in 1994 and rebranded to Mythen Construction in 2005. The company brings a unique energy and vision to every project they undertake, always striving to over-deliver. In all our undertakings, ranging from €100,000 to €50 million, our principles of value for money, quality customer service and on-time completion have been applied to ensure a seamless contract delivery. This is due to our planned procurement and coordination of on site activities, coupled with head office support resources.

Acoustic insulation
Gyproc Twin Framed partitions (62RwdB) incorporating Gypframe metal studs lined with Gyproc SoundBloc were used for constructions between apartments. GypFloor SILENT- 63RwdB 55Lnw dB used for attic space floors
Fire protection
Compartment Floor – 60mins fire resistance, used between floors
Moisture resistance
GypWall Partition used for bathrooms within apartments

Key Achievements

  • High levels of technical support at design stage with both the Architect and the Conservation Officer, that ensured that the finished building not only met with all the regulatory requirements but also provided a comfortable environment for the residents.

Key Challenges

  • Major intervention in a historic building, the major challenge was meeting current regulations in terms of fire and acoustics.
  • Structural challenges– existing structure supports the ceiling; new structure supports the floors above.
  • Protected structure- designing and constructing within the restrictions of a listed protected building.


Building owner:
Respond! Housing Association
Richard Vaughan Respond! Housing Association
Main contractor:
Mythen both main and sub
Paul Lehane
Saint-Gobain Team:
Evan O’Keeffe