Prague 2016 | Plasterboard

Louis Vuitton Foundation

FranceFranceCompany Name: ISOLATION 2000

Project description

Designed by the American architect Frank Gehry, the Louis Vuitton Foundation falls within the policy of art and culture patronage developed by the Group. A private cultural initiative, its aim is to promote contemporary artistic creation for a wide international audience. This project was a great architectural endeavour in which each stage of construction pushed the boundaries of conventional architecture, and was one of the first BIM projects in France (“Building Information Model”). The BIM has made it possible to create the complex shapes imagined by Frank Gehry, from the design of the building through to the assembly of the different elements on site, and requiring very close collaboration between the different teams working simultaneously with a common 3D model. One of the main challenges was to provide a high acoustic insulation, 71dB required with a critical frequency < 5 Hz, between the technical rooms and the public areas. The contractor had to invent a bespoke solution with self-supporting “boxes in the boxes” made of two layers of Duo’Tech 25 and using Winfix dB suspensions.



Isolation 2000 was founded in 1985 and is currently one of the leading plasterboard contractors in the Paris region. Thanks to 30 years of experience, they are highly qualified to execute technically complex projects, requiring high level performances in sound insulation, thermal insulation and fire resistance. They are also one of the pillars of the  “Club entreprises Placo®”, a real innovation partner for Placo®, since they are always keen to test and evaluate Placo®’s latest product innovations- quite often in the run-up to the launch.

Fire protection
Fire resistant ceiling EI 120 – 2 Placoplatre® BA 25 boards + 1 Placoflam® BA 13 board
Productivity gain
To respect the deadline, 40 operators from Isolation 2000 were working simultaneously
Acoustic insulation
Sound insulation Ra 71 dB – 2 Placo® Duo’Tech® 25 boards with Megastil® frames and WinFix® dB suspensions
Wall lining – Height up to 20 m – Duo’Tech® System Mur, with Placo® Duo’Tech® 19 boards

Key Achievements

  • Isolation 2000’s know-how and its readiness to assume risks, in the way to address the specifications of this exceptional project
  • The synergies between Placoplatre’s and Isolation 2000’s competencies, and a very close collaboration
  • Implementation of innovative and bespoke solutions
  • Approval of Placo’s “Duo’Tech® System Mur” by the CSTB, with the Technical Agreement in mind

Key Challenges

  • To change the initial specifications and to replace them by bespoke solutions.
  • To implement innovative systems and solutions, and to get them approved by the building owner and the architect.
  • To study and pre-calculate the project, using the BIM.
  • To meticulously respect the specifications, by means of the software Digital Project.
  • To address a tight planning, which was constantly changing.
  • To satisfy Louis Vuitton, a building owner used to luxury and perfection.


Building owner:
Fondation LVMH
Franck Gehry & Studios Architecture
Main contractor:
VINCI Construction
Saint-Gobain Team: