Prague 2016 | Residential

Hochbau 21/BSC-Areal

SwitzerlandSwitzerlandCompany Name: SA.MA Gipserei + Fassaden GmbH, 8617 Mönchaltdorf

Project description

This former spinning mill, a listed historical monument, is approximately 180 years old and shut down its production in 1990. To preserve the valuable building structure and to revitalize it at the same time, a master plan was drawn up to transform the 7-level complex into lofts for living and working. After two years of construction, the building now contains 23 loft apartments, 5 loft-type working spaces as well as 13 studios. The main plasterboard work was applied to ceilings and partitions, as well as technical ducts. The building is Minergie® certified, a renowned Swiss energy label. Among the key achievements of the plasterboard work are the preservation of its historical character and substance of the building while introducing a whole new form of its use, as well as the application of the high fire and noise protection standards to the old building structure. Hochbau 21 is a perfect example of the trend to transform historical industrial buildings into modern living spaces.


SA.MA Gipserei + Fassaden GmbH, 8617 Mönchaltdorf

After many years of managing a plastering company as a CEO, Domenico Salvo decided to start his own business, motivated by his enthusiasm for plastering and dry walling during the past 30 years.

Fire protection
Ceilings souterrain: (CD 27+27/40, Alba 40 mm) = EI60 Ceilings apartment levels: CD-DAH 27+27/33, RF 12,5 mm = EI60
Fixing capability
Apartment partitions all leves: V-/HL 160, Rigidur 2 x 12,5 mm
Moisture resistance
Vertical shafts: V/CW75 + 2 x 20 mm Glasroc
Recycling certified
All plasterboard constructions can be dismantled and recycled
Acoustic insulation
Ceilings: CD-DAH 27+27/33, RF 12,5 mm = Di,tot = 68 dBPartitions: CW75/125, RB 12,5 mm/V-/HL 160, Rigidur 2 x 12,5 mm = Di,tot = 67 dBTotal: 59 dB
Environmentally friendly
Minergie® certificate (Swiss building label) for building as a whole

Key Achievements

  • Plasterboard systems => harmonious and economical reconciliation of old and new, helping to reach all architectural, conceptional and infrastructural goals
  • Analysis of historical colouring of spinning mills => clear perceptibility of old (bichrome) and new (monochrome/white)
  • All joints and gaps carefully sealed => to meet Minergie® and noise protection requirements
  • On-site noise measurements => requirements clearly exceeded by both the partitions and ceilings
  • All technical installations in one central vertical duct => great flexibility of planning and maximum use of the surface at hand
  • High quality surface finish => sustains light concept (maximum of daylight) and creates a specific spacial impression.

Key Challenges

  • Dealing with the approx. 180 year old structure, listed as a historical monument, required considerable experience and craftsmanship.
  • Preserving the historical character and substance of the building, while introducing with the lofts and shops a whole new form of its use.
  • Complying with the requirements regarding fire protection, the standards set by Minergie®, the Swiss building label, as well as maximizing noise protection within the building.
  • Applying the high fire and noise protection standards to the old building structure.
  • Implementing clever logistics on the part of the contractor to ensure efficient and economical progress under the given circumstances.
  • The tight timetable.
  • Dealing with repeated interruptions of the workflow inherent in a transformation of this kind.
  • The window-to-window layout of the apartments, requiring a very high finishing quality of the surfaces (Q3).


Building owner:
Blumer Söhne + Cie AG, 8427 Freienstein (Arthur Mayer)
moos.giuliani.herrmann.architekten., 8252 Diessenhofen (Roger Moos)
Main contractor:
SA.MA Gipserei + Fassaden GmbH, 8617 Mönchaltdorf (Domenico Salvo)
Beat Bühler, 8048 Zürich
Saint-Gobain Team:
Felice Serra, sales representative/technical consultant