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Theater de Stoep

NetherlandsNetherlandsCompany Name: Accompli Afbouw BV

Project description

Theater De Stoep consists of two parts; a large theatre hall which can accommodate up to 650 people and a smaller room with a capacity of 200 people. Furthermore the building consists of an office area, a kitchen area, several dressing rooms, technical spaces (theatre) and an acoustical decoupled loading dock. This theatre is designed with tightly aligned connections between the many different types of planes. The walls were designed in concave and convex forms, which cross the ceilings that are also designed in these forms. This particular design in combination with the great height is made possible by using the specifically engineered supporting structure. All this combined with the required finishing level, the high sound insulation and fire resistance requirements ensured that this was a very challenging project.


Accompli Afbouw BV

Accompli Afbouw, located in Zuidland in the Netherlands, was founded in 1998. Since then we have grown into a renowned specialist in Metal Stud construction and systems. Perhaps the most important reason for that is that we approach each project as if it was our own home. Accompli has been a trusted partner for years in the field of metal stud construction. Lately, we also manifest ourselves in the field of partition walls and ceilings. We work mainly for contractors and project management bureaus. Here we introduce ourselves explicitly as a partner in the building process.

Fire protection
Gyproc RF, Glasroc F, Fire screen – 120 minutes
Acoustic insulation
Combined Gyproc RF, Technostar solution – DnT,A,63-4k ≥ 80 dB(A)
Speech intelligibility
Gyproc A – Noise barrier

Key Achievements

  • Very early involvement of Accompli with the engineering of the project.

Key Challenges

  • Wall and ceiling systems in which many different variables come together.
  • Combined concave and convex shapes.
  • Development of special steel mounting brackets (to apply Technostar elements).
  • Complex construction with very little technical information.
  • Combined design of wall structures (Isover / Gyproc).
  • High level of fire resistance (120 minutes).
  • High level of sound insulation.
  • High walls, with the needed structural stability
  • High finishing quality.


Building owner:
Gemeente Spijkenisse
UN Studio
Main contractor:
Vorm bouw
Chantal van den Berg –
Saint-Gobain Team:
Herbert Hofstad, Louren Dorleijn