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Business Academy Aarhus

DenmarkDenmarkCompany Name: Arne Danielsen A/S

Project description

This building was an addition to Erhvervsakademiet Aarhus/ Business Academy Aarhus. The design of the building and its interior is meant to inspire students to learn in a bright and creative environment centred on an open atrium. It is great example of a lightweight building solution and one of the first major low-energy houses in Aarhus. The building has 900 square metres of solar panels on the roof and a heat recovery system. The building’s energy use is completely dependent on renewable energy. The project is a great example of a broad use of Gyproc products and systems both externally and internally from thermal insulation to acoustic regulation. One of the most interesting parts of the installation was the façade. The challenge here was finding the right dimensions for the profiles and angles in order to hang the facade as opposed to letting it rest on the plinth. Interestingly, it was also constructed in sections on the ground and then hoisted and put in place.


Arne Danielsen A/S

C. C. Contractor A/S primarily works as a turnkey or general contractor. For them the starting point is finding the best form of collaboration to suit each individual project. They have a flexible and solution-oriented approach to construction projects that ensures that a common goal is met on time and within the agreed financial framework. A deal is a deal. Arne Danielsen A/S focuses on creating the foundations for a reliable and trustworthy cooperation internal and externally by focusing on value creation, sustainability and quality through their management, values and the people they work with. Their focus is to create financial and human value, and to always focus on making the work of their customers, suppliers and themselves: • Easier • Safer • Faster • Pleasant

Key Achievements

  • A sustainable solution and one of the first zero-energy buildings in Aarhus with an extremely high use of valued added light weight building systems, both steel and gypsum
  • A vast amount of Saint-Gobain solutions and n all-round great example of incorporating valued added solutions throughout the project
  • Creating a both visual and functional result by using Rigitone not only for acoustic regulation but also as visual solution for architectonic reasons
  • Great teamwork on the construction of the facade with all parties bringing together their expertise and knowledge to create the best possible result

Key Challenges

  • Dimensioning the façade: Designing the right solution for the façade with the right profiles and angles in the right dimensions
  • Constructing the facade: The façade was constructed in sections on the ground and then hoisted
  • Constructing the staircase: Building the staircase as a lightweight solution using steel and gypsum


Building owner:
Copp Invest A/S c/o 2s Consult
SAHL Arkitekter A/S
Main contractor:
Arne Danielsen A/S
Anders Kavi
Saint-Gobain Team:
Gert ChristensenHenning LyngHans Jensen