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Gerstheim Catholic Church

FranceFranceCompany Name: WEREY & STENGER

Project description

On the 25th of November 2011, a short-circuit in the lighting system of the Catholic Church of Gerstheim located in the Alsace region caused a disastrous fire. Major parts of this gothic church were destroyed, including the ceiling and roof structure and only the walls were left over. The aim of the community was to rebuild the church, identically to how it was before the fire. Werey & Stenger’s task consisted in the reconstruction of the ceiling, i.e. the original vaults of ogival arches. Based on plans and drawings found in the archives, the architect reproduced the plan of the church. Given the complexity and size of the project, Werey & Stenger decided to digitize their part of the project in 3D. This was a highly innovative method which they combined with the traditional technique of fibrous plasterwork. The results are amazing- the original forms have been perfectly reproduced and have also been successfully combined with quite a modern decoration.



he Group Werey & Stenger is a leading manufacturer of fibrous plasterwork in the Alsace region and beyond. Founded in 1984 and a member of the Club entreprises Placo since 2001, they are participating in quasi each edition of the Placo Trophies. They are dealing with both restoration projects and new build or building extensions, and the restoration of historical monuments is notably one of their specialties.

Excellent aesthetics
Perfect finish level: precise shapes thanks to 3D digitization + use of polystyrene moulds; quality of finish using Molda® Duo & Molda® Dur
Fire protection
PRF + Placoflam® – REI 120 fire resistant ceilings
Environmentally friendly
Placo® Recycling – Site waste was recycled at Sita (partner of Placo® Recycling)

Key Achievements

  • Use of modern techniques & processes, in the framework of a historical restoration project, and on behalf of a traditional craft (fibrous plasterwork): 3D digitization of the plans and use of polystyrene molds allowed the team to be well prepared upstream and guaranteed a smooth progress of the works
  • Perfect finish level achieved, which was required due to highly demanding light conditions

Key Challenges

  • To rebuild the church, identically as it was before the fire.
  • The complexity and size of the project: reproducing the groins of the vaults (6 metres high) was a real technical and logistic challenge.
  • Respect of a very tight planning: exactly 2 months on site => the church had to be ready for use for the Christmas midnight mass.


Building owner:
Municipality of Gerstheim
Main contractor:
Saint-Gobain Team: