Edition 2018

Lisbon 2018

11th International Trophy

Lisbon, 23 March 2018


About the 11th International Trophy

This unique international event is a major opportunity to recognise outstanding collaboration between Saint-Gobain and its customers. The competing projects serve as a reference for Drywall system craftsmanship in the Gypsum industry and inspire greatness among the international interior building community.

Winners 11th Trophy

odeon music and theatre hall- Gypsum International Trophy 2018
Grand Prix
ODEON Music and Theatre Hall
S. Guldfeldt Nielsen A/S
The new music and theatre hall located in the H.C. Andersen Quarter was created as a cultural powerhouse with four stages and The Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Southern Denmark all under one roof. The architectural design of the building is inspired by the varied townscape as it borders both the historical town and contemporary multi-story housing. It is comprised of a number of town houses with varying heights in order to harmonize with the neighboring buildings. The cultural house works almost as mini-city within the city, as the town houses are connected by glass-roofed arcades, squares and open spaces. The great hall accommodates approximately 1800 spectators while the small hall accommodates approximately 300 spectators. There is also a chamber music hall and a rhythmic hall, as well as a restaurant, bar/lounge with access to a roof terrace, offices, a canteen and a basement for parking.
Aurora Shopping - Gypsum International Trophy 2018
President’s Prize
Aurora Shopping
Diviplus Acoustic Solutions
Aurora Shopping is a modern and elegant 5 storey project with 63,053m² of constructed area in Brazil. Its architectural design has highly sophisticated features offering an attractive array of entertainment, leisure, shopping, gastronomy, services and events in Londrina. This project presents the drywall as a solutions in lining, ceilings and walls for completely different environments, making each space more beautiful, comfortable, safe, pleasant and efficient. Almost all Placo plasterboards solutions were installed in this mall, in different situations and to achieve specified performance for ceilings and walls. All standards required for this kind of construction such as drywall procedures, fire safety, acoustic performance, IAQ, lighting and others were considered and fulfilled during the specification and installations.

Winners by category

Unterlinden Museum - Gypsum International Trophy 2018
1st Prize
Unterlinden Museum
The Unterlinden Museum is located in Colmar, east of France. Housed in a 13th-century Dominican convent and a 1906 former public baths building, it features a large collection of local and international artworks. It officially opened its doors to the public in 1853. When the need appeared for the museum to gain more space, the city of Colmar decided to add supplementary buildings : the adjacent, Neo-Baroque former baths building was transformed into an annex of the museum, and a new building was added. A renovation project was designed by the Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron, using an architectural language that integrates into the old city, but also reveals its contemporary character. Werey Stenger Plâtre & Staff have conducted the entire range of plaster works required by the project, from drywall, ceilings, traditional plaster to fibrous plaster. It is the traditional and fibrous plaster works that make the project particularly extraordinary.
2nd Prize
The Canfrac International Station is a railway station located in the Spanish municipality of Canfrac (Huesca). The international station of Canfranc was inaugurated in 1928 with an elongated floorplan, a bright and elegant interior, and a symmetrical structure. It has a functional distribution of the spaces from a covered central hall with a large dome. The project focused on the restoration of the vestibule, where the decoration of the interior plaster had practically disappeared in its entirety. This was the main difficulty in the work given that the missing models had to be modeled with the support of photographs. For its reconstruction, rigid molds were made and, using Iberyola stucco E / 35, replicas were made, taking advantage of the great fineness of the product that allows high whiteness and a perfect finish. The few original remains that have been preserved have been consolidated and reintegrated with Iberyola stucco and inert cargo.
ST. MARY & ST. SAMUEL COPTIC ORTHODOX CHURCH- Gypsum International Trophy 2018
1st Prize
St. Mary & St. Samuel Coptic Orthodox Church
Smith Brothers Contracting Corp.
The St. Mary & St. Samuel Coptic Orthodox Church, is a 2 973 m2 single-story place of worship in Markham, Ontario Canada. The building’s intended use and challenging design required a high level of drywall craftsmanship and skill to achieve the ambitious interior space this church demands. The project required the highest quality drywall finishes to the church’s domes and high ceiling with severe, critical lighting due to massive windows.
Saint Carolus Hospital Project - Gypsum International Trophy 2018
2nd Prize
Saint Carolus Hospital Project
PT. Sekawan Bangun Perkasa
The Saint Carolus new hospital building is a modernised development from the previous historical building in Central Jakarta which was built in 1916 and is owned by Perkumpulan Perhimpunan Saint Carolus Vereeniging. It was a revolutionary project driven by ambition to build a hospital with the best performance of acoustic, fire protection, and durability combined with an aesthetic and healthy environment. The major transformation was made by replacing the traditional brick wall with the latest technology from Gyproc® for the X-ray protection room and wall partition room, where the drywall application itself is rarely used.
Quartier 23. Haus im Stadtpark - Gypsum International Trophy 2018
1st Prize
Quartier 23. Haus im Stadtpark
Heide – Aktiv – Trockenbau GmbH & Co. KG
In the trendy area of Lüneburg (Germany), the modern medium-size apartment building, Hanseviertel, was built in only 9 months on a plot of 2 713 m². 17 brand-new individual units were created by using the full range of Saint-Gobain Rigips® products including innovations like Habito® or Glasroc®H. The size of the apartments range from 87 up to 144 m², each with a unique and innovative floor plan with organic forms. The whole building was created with the focus to achieve the DGNB-certification in Gold, and therefore combines the demand for a high quality living space and sustainability. To build this extraordinary project, excellent craftsmanship and an innovative attitude towards the use of new products was necessary.
The Star and Garter - Gypsum International Trophy 2018
United Kingdom
2nd Prize
The Star and Garter
PM White Drylining
United Kingdom
Originally built in 1924 as a home for injured servicemen, the Star and Garter is one of the most opulent and well-known buildings in the picturesque area of Richmond, Surrey. Developer, London Square, worked closely with the heritage department at Richmond Council to restore the landmark Grade II listed building to its former glory – transforming it into a series of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom luxury residences. With a strong focus on quality and workmanship, these prestigious homes have been meticulously crafted to the highest possible standards. As a premium residential development, the main objective was to sensitively restore the building using the best products and finishes available, while taking utmost care to preserve its heritage. It was therefore decided that durable internal partitioning was a more appropriate solution than block work and wet plaster, when it came to constructing the individual residences within the building’s external shell.
United Arab Emirates
1st Prize
Midfield Terminal Building Abu Dhabi Airport
International Decor Co. LLC
United Arab Emirates
The biggest and most architecturally imposing structure in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, the new Midfield Terminal at Abu Dhabi International Airport, is constructed between the airport’s two runways, and is grand by every measure. From its massive 1.1 km 6-storey covered terminal building, to a soaring roof that hits 52 m at its highest point, everything about the new building has been designed to amaze the 30 million-plus passengers expected to pass through the building over the next few years. To meet the aesthetic and performance requirements set for the project, the internal wall linings were categorised to meet the seismic, acoustic, fire and impact standards in a building capable of accommodating 3 full size football pitches.
Havenhuis - Port of Antwerp Headquarters - Gypsum International Trophy 2018
2nd Prize
Havenhuis – Port of Antwerp Headquarters
In the beginning of the 20th century, the Havenhuis was a fire station and it is now the headquarters of the Antwerp Harbor Company. Today, this impressive building is the workplace for more than 500 technical and administrative employees. It has become a prominent meeting point for the many international guests visiting or doing trade with the harbor of Antwerp. For the Antwerp Harbor Company it was very important that the old building was saved and integrated into the new concept. Therefore, they chose the most brilliant design of Zaha Hadid. She created a new asymmetrical volume on top of the old building that can be interpreted as a ship’s bow as well as an irregular shaped diamond; two very important symbols for the city of Antwerp. In the design of the interior, you can clearly see the hand of Zaha Hadid with lots of lines, planes, directions and views that are brought together and give you an exceptional experience.
Innovation & Sustainability
Neighborhood One Residences- Gypsum International Trophy 2018
United Arab Emirates
1st Prize
Neighborhood One Residences
Plafond, Ishtar Decor
United Arab Emirates
The Neighbourhood One development is the first residential complex designed in the United Arab Emirates which aims to achieve the extremely demanding LEED Gold and 3 Pearl Estidama sustainability ratings. The project is the beginning of Masdar’s major residential development and currently houses the Etihad airline crew in a total of 500 low-carbon one and two-bedroom apartments with access to a gym, retail facilities and other amenities. The challenge was not only to select a build system that allowed the complex reauirements to be completed quickly to high acoustic, fire and other performance standards, but also to ensure the materials used achieved ground-breaking environmental and sustainability standards demanded by this development.
Multi Comfort House Office Reci, Romania - Gypsum International Trophy 2018
2nd Prize
Multi Comfort House Office Reci, Romania
Nizar Construct
The project’s purpose was to design a flag-ship two-story office building with a Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) structure (according to the Austrian and Romanian building regulations), that follows the standards for Multi Comfort criteria. The overall project strategy was based on utmost ecological and long-term sustainability. The project is the first Saint-Gobain Multi-Comfort Commercial building in Romania. It focused not only on saving energy but also on creating a better living environment. Some of the accomplishments are the implementation of individually room-controlled comfort and high-quality work conditions, increased noise protection, passive construction method for insulation and airtightness, ventilation system with heat recovery, fire protection and the use of products with EPD. MULTI COMFORT HOUSE RECI also shines for its timber construction, green roofs, enhanced daylight autonomy, recyclability, reduced Carbon footprint, use of geothermal energy and optimisation of utilities costs.
Municipal Services Building - Gypsum International Trophy 2018
1st Prize
Municipal Services Building
The Municipal Services Building is a new office building measuring 1500 m². It is located in the community of Benfeld, in the Alsace region (East of France). From an architectural point of view, its truncated cone shape is quite atypical. The construction project required the installation of various partitions and ceilings. The key challenge was the application of Rigitone® Activ’Air® 8-15/20 (random pattern) – a completely seamless and monolithic system, to the ceilings and walls of the main conference room, whose interior design follows exactly the shape of the exterior design of the building: a hemicycle inside a truncated cone.
Emaar Square Mall- Gypsum International Trophy 2018
2nd Prize
Emaar Square Mall
Celikeller Dek. Yapi Sist. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.
Emaar Square Mall is a part of the “Emaar Square” project along with residential units, offices and a hotel forming a complete development. Emaar Square takes its name from the wide and historical squares of Istanbul that unite people and lifestyles, having been envisioned to become a social hub. It has a strategic and central location on the Asian side of Istanbul with a convenient access from the main highways of the city. Successful application by the contractor has also let to monolithic appearance resulting in a high aesthetic finish for curvilinear planes. Being a shopping mall, acoustics was one of the main concerns to be taken care of. High occupancy rate, large volumes, high ceilings and floor openings made the use of materials with good acoustic performance a must. Rigitone® acoustic ceiling boards were chosen by the contractor to be able to have a controlled acoustic environment and sound absorption where necessary.

Judging Committee

Meet the Jury !

Judging for the International Trophy is a long, demanding and challenging process. To ensure that all entries are judged on an equitable basis, specific judging criteria have been developed and the International Jury Committee has been selected carefully. The judges are able to both assess the technical skills of drywall contractors and the overall performance of the systems and solutions implemented during the course of the projects. The panel is selected by the International Central Marketing Team to guarantee objectivity and to ensure full comprehension of all technical aspects. The 11th International Jury is comprised of Saint-Gobain and external experts as well as country delegates. 

Prior to the international awards event the Jury Commitee will meet from 12-16 February 2018 to review the project presentations, assess and vote for each project according to pre-defined criteria. To ensure fairness and continuity, all projects in the same category are viewed in the same session.

Rupert Neumann
President of the Jury & Global Marketing Manager – Saint-Gobain Gypsum and Ceilings Activity
Rupert has been in the building materials industry for 20 years. This is the sixth Saint-Gobain International trophy awards which he has been involved in and the fith time on the Jury. In addition to other marketing roles and support for a number of countries, he is also responsible for the Global Product Management of Building Plasters and Plasterboard Finishing within the activity.
David Frise
Chief Executive of FIS
David is the Chief Executive of FIS, the trade body representing the major drylining and fit contractors and manufacturers in the UK. He began his career as a nuclear submariner in the Royal Navy, before joining the Building Services Engineering industry some 25 years ago, firstly as a contractor then as a consultant, before setting up Bailey Energy for NG Bailey the UK’s largest M&E contractors. He has held a number of non-executive director roles on the board of Summit Skills, the National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies and the Construction Products Association (CPA).
Daniel Roehner
International Marketing Manager – Saint-Gobain Gypsum, Ceilings, and Insulation Activity
Daniel has been with Saint-Gobain for 5 years and currently serves as the International Marketing Manager for the Saint-Gobain Gypsum, Ceilings, and Insulation Activity. He is a civil engineer with more than 12 years’ experience in the construction and building materials industry in North America, Europe, SEA, Middle East, and Africa. Daniel is also a member of the Eurogypsum Acoustic Working Group.
Ian Frede
Architectural Solutions Manager and Territory Manager – CertainTeed Gypsum Canada
Ian has been in the Gypsum Industry for over 25 years in a variety of roles in the contracting, distribution and manufacturing fields. Ian joined CertainTeed Gypsum Canada in 2014 and has a duel role in Architectural Support and Sales, working on projects from the design stage through construction until completion. This is Ian’s 1st time on the Jury.
Kittichai Chamjitr
Technical Director – Saint-Gobain Gyproc Thailand
Kittichai has been working with Saint Gobain since 2011 and currently serves as the Technical Director for Gyproc Thailand. He is a leader for drywall penetration in Thailand by providing technical support, educating the market, and providing technical training to installers.
Nicolas Fuchs
Technical Marketing Manager – Saint-Gobain Sub-Saharan Africa
Nicolas has been in the building industry for 21 years, in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Nicolas joined Saint-Gobain 15 years ago as Market Manager in France for the Mortars activity, providing solutions for the installers to overcome technical challenges on projects. He has been instrumental in the creation of a Club of Flooring applicators, capitalizing on the experience of Nordic countries. He is a member of the Steering Committee of the Africa Architecture Awards, the first pan-African architecture competition and largest online portal of contemporary architecture in Africa, which aims to promote design excellence while helping to shape a new view of African architecture globally.
Sebastian Staniszewski
Technical Department Manager – RIGIPS – SGCP Poland
Sebastian joined Saint Gobain in January of 2014 as Product Manager for Plaster Boards. He has spent the last 2 years in the new role of Technical Department Manager in RIGIPS– SGCP Poland. Previously he worked as Project Manager for 8 years at ACO, responsible for internal and hygienic drainage.
Stéphane Harmel
Product Manager – Placo® France
Stéphane has worked as a project manager for Placo® France since 2004 where he is currently in charge of performance boards and systems. From 1999 to 2004 he was responsible for the technical development of France at Gyroproc Benlux. Prior he was in charge of the R&D department at an organization specialized in the fabrication of office partitions. He has previously participated in regional juries for Placo® France both in 2013 and 2015.
Ad Maas
Technical Manager – Saint-Gobain Gyproc Netherlands
Ad joined Saint Gobain in March 1988 and started his career in research & technical services, previously having studied Building Technology at the Technical University in Eindhoven. Since 1991 he has been responsible for the technical department of Gyproc Netherlands. He has an active role in various external technical committees and working groups. Ad has been a jury member several times for the National Trophy in the Netherlands, as well as for the International Trophy.