Lisbon 2018 | Plasterboard

Saint Carolus Hospital Project

IndonesiaIndonesiaCompany Name: PT. Sekawan Bangun Perkasa

Project description

Saint Carolus new hospital building is a modernized development from previous old historical building in Central Jakarta which has been built since 1916 owned by Perkumpulan Perhimpunan Saint-Carolus Vereeniging. It was a revolutionary project driven by ambition to build a hospital building with best performance of acoustic, fire protection, durability, aesthetic and healthy environment. The major transformation was made by replacing the traditional brick wall and converting it into the use of the latest technology from Gyproc® for X-ray protection room and high quality of wall partition room where the dry wall application itself is still rarely used. Despite the challenges in terms of safety, technical and logistic issues that required high workmanship, experience, and cooperation from all parties, we are proud to make this project become the first project with controversial use of plasterboard applied in Indonesia.


PT. Sekawan Bangun Perkasa

PT Sekawan Bangun Perkasa is an interior contractor for ceiling, partition and cladding for gypsum board and calcium silicate products. The company is founded in Tangerang, August 2012 along with PT Sekawan Bangun Mulia (distributor of Gyproc Gypsum Product from PT. Saint-Gobain Construction Product Indonesia).

Fire protection
By using Double layer FireLine System to provide 2 hour Fire Rated Partition
Acoustic insulation
By using the Double Layer Habito-BaseLine System which has STC 55 acoustic performance for VIP Treatment partition
Impact resistant
By Using Habito board on the VIP room partition for better impact resistant
Environmentally friendly
By using XRoc Wall Lining and Drywall System to protect XRay Radiation without using toxic material (Such as Lead Sheet)

Key Achievements

  • All the changes in the project can be adapted quickly because of the quick response between Sekawan Bangun Persada and Gyproc
  • Detailed works on new system can be carefully installed by the intense coordination between the site operator and Gyproc technical
  • Breakthrough the traditional brick wall construction and replaced into drywall system.
  • Be the first project among building construction industry in Indonesia by using a revolutionary plasterboard technology in X-ray protection room.

Key Challenges

Convincing every stakeholder in this project regarding plasterboard usability, especially for X-Ray radiation protection room that’s still considered as controversial for radiology practice was the most significant challenge.
We educated our contractor about the workmanship quality of drywall installation process according to Gyproc standard in which the contractor had to learn the detailed installation XRoc® and Habito® board system. At the same time, we had to maintain intensive coordination between the owner, contractor, architect and Gyproc. We also adopted all the changes to the project plan quickly until the last month of the timeframe.


Building owner:
Perkumpulan Perhimpunan Saint Carolus Vereeniging
PT. Jasa Ferrie Pratama & PT. Quadratura Indonesia
Main contractor:
PT. Sekawan Bangun Perkasa
Rian Putra Suoth
Saint-Gobain Team:
Kriswido Prasetya, Wenda Nuridahissan