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Aurora Shopping

BrazilBrazilCompany Name: Diviplus Acoustic Solutions

Project description

Aurora Shopping is a modern and elegant 5 storey project with 63,053m² of constructed area. Its architectural design has highly sophisticated features offering an attractive array of entertainment, leisure, shopping, gastronomy, services and events in Londrina. This project presents the drywall as a solution in lining, ceilings and walls for completely different environments, making each space more beautiful, comfortable, safe, pleasant and efficient. Almost all Placo plasterboards solutions were installed in this mall, in different situations and to achieve specified performance for ceilings and walls. All standards required for this kind of construction such as drywall procedures, fire safety, acoustic performance, IAQ, lighting and others were considered and fulfilled during the specification and installations.


Diviplus Acoustic Solutions

Founded in February 2000, Diviplus Acabamentos brought technological and conceptual innovation in the Construction segment of Londrina and Region. Subsequently, it expanded its horizons, having carried out works in almost all Brazilian states. Company focused on the final result satisfactory to the client and in the seriousness of its professionals, it has evolved its technical structure, currently counting on Engineering departments (for planning, surveys and follow-up of works), training of installers training, technical assistance, as well showroom full of technical and commercial information on all items marketed. The Londrina distribution and installation unit now has more than 40 direct employees and more than 200 indirect employees. Our show room area has approximately 150 m² and the inventory area is 1600 m². An average of 30,000 m² of gypsum board stocked in this unit is kept, in addition to other items. Among the various products we work with, all accessory lines are also usually kept in stock. The company keeps up to date by constantly sending its engineering professionals to National and International Fairs and Events.

Robustness guarantee
470 m²
Acoustic control
120 m²
Moisture resistance
1.935,36 m²
Fire protection
16.776 m²
Indoor air quality
913,38 m²

Key Achievements

  • For a greater spacing between the hangers, three different size of metal studs we used (48mm, 70mm and 90mm). The store currencies were made with double structure and a plasterboard between them to isolate the installations of each one.
  • In the cinemas, escape route insulation walls were built using separate double structure considering FR boards with 15mm thick, 2 layers in one side and 3 layers on the other side.

Key Challenges

  • Fixing of hangers for ceilings – stability and safety
  • Comfort and freedom for the shopkeeper to make any changes to your store installation
  • Material vertical transportation
  • Compatibility between lighting/decorative projects and drywall solutions
  • Wall and ceiling installation to ensure acoustic performance requirements
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Job site logistics
  • Safety during the installation


Building owner:
Gustavo Campos
Larissa Galindo Arquitetura
Main contractor:
Tatiana Galindo
Saint-Gobain Team:
Renata BarbosaDiego CorreiaCarlos Caruy