Lisbon 2018 | Ceilings

Municipal Services Building

FranceFranceCompany Name: Gerko

Project description

The Municipal Services Building is a new office building measuring 1500 m². It is located in the community of Benfeld, in the Alsace region, in the North-East of France. From an architectural point of view, its truncated cone shape is quite atypical. The construction project required the installation of various partitions and ceilings. The key challenge was the application of RIGITONE® ACTIV’AIR® 8-15/20 (random pattern), a completely seamless and monolithic system, to the ceilings and walls of the main conference room, whose interior design follows exactly the shape of the exterior design of the building: a hemicycle inside a truncated cone.



Created in 1984, Gerko is a specialised insulation and drywall contractor. Originally focused on new-built, they have diversified their activity over the years. Today, they are working on both new-built and refurbishment projects, for individuals and institutional customers, as well as architects. Gerko is one of the oldest members of the Club entreprises Placo in the region.

Speech intelligibility
RigitoneTM Activ’Air® 8-15/20 – αw : 0,40 (L)

Key Achievements

  • Aesthetics: the craftsmanship and experience of the contractor allowed a fantastic visual outcome (both regarding the precise layout of the pattern and the excellent surface finishing).
  • Sound absorption: the reflection of sound is reduced thanks to the perforated RIGITONE® boards and the sloped walls.
  • Acoustic comfort: beyond sound absorption, the exact design of the room guarantees optimum speech intelligibility (the sound reverberation on walls and ceilings being optimally exploited).

Key Challenges

  • An ambitious interior design which involved a complex layout of the RIGITONE® boards, to perfectly align the pattern and perforations (both ceiling & lining).
  • The acoustic performance requirements which were addressed both by the design of the room and the extensive application of RIGITONE®.
  • The use of RIGITONE® Mix, knowing that the contractor previously had no experience with the application of ready-mixed fillers.


Building owner:
Communauté de Communes du Canton d’Erstein
PM Architectes / Michel Poulet
Main contractor:
Raphaël Demaret
Saint-Gobain Team:
Vincent Schoch, Jérôme Foreau