Lisbon 2018 | Innovation & Sustainability

Neighborhood One Residences

United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab EmiratesCompany Name: Plafond, Ishtar Decor

Project description

The Neighbourhood One development is the FIRST residential complex designed in UAE aiming to achieve extremely demanding LEED Gold and 3 Pearl Estidama sustainability rating. The project is the beginning of Masdar’s major residential development and currently houses Etihad airline crew in a total of 500 low-carbon one and two-bedroom apartments with access to gym, retail facilities and other amenities. The challenge was not only to select a build system that allowed the complex to be completed quickly to high acoustic, fire and other performance standards, but also to ensure the materials used achieved ground-breaking environmental and sustainability standards demanded by this development.


Plafond, Ishtar Decor

With over 20 years experience in the GCC, Plafond is the UAE’s market leading multi-disciplinary Fit-Out, MEP and FM contractors specializing in innovative solutions for the hotel, commercial, retail and airport sectors. Plafond consists of a dedicated team of professionals who pride themselves on a fresh and unique approach to all projects undertaken. They are a multicultural organization where the promotion of best practice initiatives is encouraged and developed throughout the company. Since 1991, Ishtar Decor has provided turnkey construction solutions in the field of design, contracting, Interior Fit-Out, specialist ceiling and partition systems and custom-made joinery with an emphasis on detail and quality. They have excellent reputation in all associated disciplines due to their team of professionals and strong supplier partnerships. From conceptual planning to project management and execution, they provide cutting edge solutions that are tailored to the needs of their clients. They ensure that their designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, economical and of excellent quality.

Indoor air quality
Gyptone Quattro 70 with Activ’Air, Gyptone Base 31 using Gyptone Tile Grid was used in corridors in front of house and back of house areas.
Fire protection
120mins fire rating was achieved by using 2 x 12.5mm of Gyproc FireStop board, 2 x 12.5mm of Regular board and 19mm CoreBoard in demise walls
Moisture resistance
In pre manufactured Bathroom Pods 1 layer of 15mm Gyproc Moisture Resistant board & 1 layer of 12.5mm Gyproc FireStop MR board were used.
Acoustic insulation
To achieve up to 53 dB GypWall QUIET was used with 2 x12.5mm Gyproc FireStop board, 2 x12.5mm Gyproc Regular Board & 50mm KIMMCO glasswool insulation.
Acoustic control
Gyptone Tile Ceiling achieving 0.65 NRC was used. Gyptone Quattro 70 , Gyptone Base 31 & D2 concealed edge grid were used.
Robustness guarantee
Severe Duty Rating was required in walls between apartments,corridors & shaft risers. 2 x 12.5mm Gyproc FireStop & 2 x 12.5mm Gyproc Regular was used
Productivity gain
Gyproc site demonstration team trained 30 installers installers and completed 15 site visits to ensure project was completed efficiently and on time.
Environmentally friendly
First residential project of UAE aiming for LEED Gold & 3 Pearl Estidama rating. The site used custom sized Gypframe studs & boards to reduce wastage
Recycling certified
All Gyproc Plasterboards were segregated and sent to Gyproc recycling facility. Total of 279 tonnes of Gyproc Plasterboard were recycled.

Key Achievements

  • Gyproc’s advanced lightweight met the demanding fire performance standards up to 120mins throughout the building using GypWall® CLASSIC & ShaftWall® systems.
  • High performance twin frame separating walls comprising of GypWall® QUIET systems has been used to optimize sound insulation between demise walls up to STC 53 dB.
  • The fully recyclable Gyproc systems, customised solutions for Gypframe® & boards along with the implementation of Gyproc technical academy’s advice enabled the contractor to generate minimum waste and contributed in achieving the demanding LEED Gold and 3 Pearl Estidama sustainability criteria.
  • The extensive technical knowledge offered by Gyproc Technical team and early involvement with all project parties had made it possible to create bespoke practical details to avoid various clashes between the pre manufactured bathroom PODs, Gyproc partitions and MEP

Key Challenges

Technical coordination with gypsum partition installers and bathroom pod manufacturers in respect to junction details and system performance combination

Delivering custom sized plasterboard (400,000 square meter) and Gypframe® metal (350,000 linear meter) to site that is schedule to completion in 12 months.

Many MEP services were to be incorporated into the partitions which required collaboration with MEP contractors

As recycling is a new concept in U.A.E, it was essential to ensure that all project parties are constantly following the waste segregation guidelines.


Building owner:
Abu Dhabi Future Energy Co. (Masdar)
Brewer Smith Brewer Group
Main contractor:
Marc Goodwin
Saint-Gobain Team:
Zaid Suleman, Ahmad Yehia Adham