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Midfield Terminal Building Abu Dhabi Airport

United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab EmiratesCompany Name: International Decor Co. LLC

Project description

The biggest and most architecturally imposing structure in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, the new Midfield Terminal at Abu Dhabi International Airport, is constructed between the airport’s two runways, and is grand by every measure. From its massive 1.1 km 6-storey covered terminal building, to a soaring roof that hits 52 metres at its highest point, everything about the new building has been designed to amaze the 30 million-plus passengers expected to pass through the building over the next few years. To meet the aesthetic and performance requirements set for the project, the internal wall linings were categorised to meet the seismic, acoustic, fire and impact standards in a building capable of accommodating 3 full size football pitches.


International Decor Co. LLC

International Décor Co. LLC has carried out numerous successful projects including residential, commercial buildings and offices, hotels, hospitals, palaces and villas for reputed customers all over the UAE. During this period, the company has developed expertise in gypsum products including suspended ceiling and drywall partitioning alongside interior decoration, furnishing and other works enabling them to fully meet customer requirements and carry out projects to the highest professional workmanship standards. The team consists of a technical team, managers, engineers, QA/QC engineers, designers, surveyors, safety officers, supervisors and foremen with over 370 skilled workers.

Key Achievements

  • Standard GypWall® CLASSIC partitions are used throughout the complex to meet requirements up to Rw65dB sound insulation, 120 minutes’ fire performance and ‘Severe Duty’ impact resistance.
  • GypWall® QUIET, an advanced twin frame acoustic wall system, provides the additional performance needed for increased partition heights whilst GypLyner® UNIVERSAL and IWL line concrete walls and ceilings and provide fire protection to structural steelwork
  • Gyproc® ShaftWall used extensively for high-performance linings to lift and service shafts.
  • Because of the complexity of systems and detailing, Gyproc provided a very high level of on and off-site technical support to the contractor throughout the duration of the project to meet the client’s demands for superb quality internal finishes to match the stunning exterior aesthetics.

Key Challenges

-Gypframe® SFS: Main challenges included steel frame structure where Gyproc advised the contractor on how to manage junction details to take into consideration the many MEP penetrations.
-Custom fire rated composite system: To ensure compliance of the custom solutions proposed, Gyproc’s technical team alongside the contractor successfully developed and tested a composite system combining blockwork, drylining partition and fire dampers achieving 180 minutes’ fire resistance.

Fire rated curved walls: 13-metre high curved fire rated walls were built using GypWall® curve system lined with Gyproc® FireStop boards to achieve 120 minutes fire resistance at a radius of 4500 mm.

Logistics: Approximately 1 Million square metres of Gyproc® boards with the corresponding metal structures required Gyproc and its suppliers to implement innovative logistical solutions to ensure continuity of supply throughout the duration of the project.


Building owner:
Abu Dhabi Airports Co.
Kohn Pederson Fox Associates
Main contractor:
TCA Joint Venture (TAV – CCC – Arabtec)
River Chad Pullis
Saint-Gobain Team:
Zaid SuleimanRavi Gowda