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Acquamotion Gramado

BrazilBrazilCompany Name: MB Rodrigues

Project description

Implanted in almost 50,000 m², Acquamotion is the only indoor theme water park in South America. It has naturally heated thermal waters, and special air conditioning that guarantee thermal comfort at any time of the year. The glasroc X plasterboard delivered all its performance to replicate an open sky indoors, with many details and different angles in more than 6.000 m² ceiling area, something that would be very hostile for any other plasterboard, considering the permanent conditions of humidity and steam in the place. To ensure that the conditions of use of the product were respected, and that the system delivered its full potential, multiple meetings were held with the technical department of Saint-Gobain.

Main information

Building size

15 890m²

Building purpose / type

Water Park​

Building owner name

Gramado Parks Group

Architect name

Gramado Parks Group


Company name: MB Rodrigues

Main Representative: Mrs. Marilucy Butinholi Rodrigues

Specialties: Dry construction, Construction management, Product distribution

Founded in: 2005

Biography: Born in 2005, MB Rodrigues, now known as Masterwall Sistemas Construtivos, began its activities with a focus on providing installation services of the drywall system for builders and architects. In 2009, with important clients in the curriculum, MB Rodrigues added the distribution of products, being today one of the main suppliers of the dry construction market in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, concentrating its forces in three fronts: distribution of products to the reseller market, trade in products for final consumers and professionals, and aggregate sale of materials and installation services focused on corporate environments. MB Rodrigues (Masterwall) has always sought, in all its operations, to ally ethics, technical knowledge and focus on people (employees and customers). These principles that have guaranteed over the years, the growth of the organization and the creation of strong relationships based on trust and credibility with customers and business partners.

Contractor: Mrs. Marilucy Butinholi Rodrigues

Key Challenges

  • HVAC project to maintain thermal comfort
  • Large ceiling area with lots of details and angulations
  • Convince that Glasroc® X system is ideal for heated pool areas (indoor)

Key Achievements

  • Solution for indoor and heated pool guaranteeing the possibility of painting alluding the sky
  • Partnership between Placo® and Masterwall in the specifications and project detailing
  • Final result combines high standards for aesthetics, acoustic comfort, and optimal levels of natural daylight.
Owner’s testimonial
Gramado Parks Group
Combining the concept of storytelling and entertainment, Acquamotion will be the first indoor thermal water theme park in Brazil. Gramado sells itself very well with thematic attractions. There are 7 heated pools with thermal water in a closed environment with controlled climate.
Architect’s testimonial
Gramado Parks Group
Acquamotion is inspired by the beauty of Serra Gaucha and has seven swimming pools, including one with waves and edge on the roof.

Saint-Gobain products & systems

Saint-Gobain Team

Thiago Dorlhac Kaschny, Alice Lima Cabral, Maiara Vilas Boas