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Amsterdam Court House

NetherlandsNetherlandsCompany Name: Muller Afbouwgroep

Project description

The new Amsterdam Court House was realized in the heart of the prestigious southern Amsterdam business area. The 10-floor building comprises of 60.000 m² of floorspace and houses fifty courtrooms. This huge project was challenging for its complexity, the high demands and all the different and divergent shapes of walls, counters, balustrades and domes.
In order to meet these high demands the project required a huge number of 179 different and specially designed metal stud walltypes where heavy natural stone was mounted. The rounded balustrades had to be evenly rounded and solid. Rounded domes in the sloped ceiling were also 3-D designed and we used shanks and prefab frames to match the slope of the ceiling that was later installed.
Throughout the building there are reception counters in special, uneven shapes where the upper part seems to be floating. The upper parts of the counters were 3-D engineered, then produced in prefab and the shanks were covered with curved plasterboard.
The large scale of the project required metucilous planning and preparation. Just-in-time deliveries, horizontal and vertical transportation and on-site construction were necessary. Muller and Gyproc were involved with the architect and client in a very early stage to determine the types of solutions to be applied and a huge amount of time was spent in the engineering and planning to make sure all issues were tackled regarding the wall structures, balustrades, domes and counters.

Main information

Building size

60 000 m²

Building purpose / type


Building owner name

(Central Government Real Estate Agency)
The Hague
The Netherlands

Architect name

KAAN Architecten
The Netherlands


Company name: Muller Afbouwgroep

Main Representative: Mr. Freddie Muller, Mr. Patrick van Oosterbosch

Number of collaborators: 130 to 500 persons including all project teams

Specialties: Large scale utility construction, drywall, ceilings, interior

Founded in: 1999

Biography: Muller Afbouwgroep builds, renovates and transforms for contractors, developers and endusers. Muller operates in the Netherlands and Belgium. The company took off with metal-stud installations and has developed into a business group that offers complete drywall and interior solutions including wooden prefab construction, fire safety solutions and kitchening.
Muller is solution and innovation oriented. They like to be involved in a very early stage of a project, to be able to offer the best and most complete solution – within a reasonable and realistic budget

Innovation partner: Heijmans N.V. Rosmalen, The Netherlands

Contractors: Mr. Freddie Muller, Mr. Patrick van Oosterbosch

Saint-Gobain products & systems

Saint-Gobain Team

Mark Verhoeven – Randolf de Jong – Joyce Schreurs

Photographer’s name

(C) Fernando Guerra FG+SG