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Auditorium of the Academic Centre - Tomas Bata University

Czech RepublicCzech RepublicCompany Name: Z & Ř STAVBY s.r.o.

Project description

The Aula of Tomas Bata University in Zlin has undergone a complete reconstruction under the guidance of architect Eva Jiřičná and her studio AI-DESIGN. The interior is shaped by an organic design and impressive acoustic ceilings. The renowned architect Eva Jiřičná’s talent and vision, combined with the capabilities of modern building materials from Saint-Gobain, result in an outstanding architectural design. The project employed Rigips materials in combination with OWA acoustic ceilings, Glasroc F Riflex, Rigitone acoustic boards, Habito® Flex tapes, and Blue acoustic boards. Additionally, Rigips’ technical support played a vital role in the success of the project, providing assistance in designing the unique technical specifications of the cascade ceilings. The investor placed a high emphasis on the final smoothness of surfaces, so the plastering was completed by skilled professionals from Z & Ř STAVBY s.r.o.

Main information

Building size

1 200 m²

Building purpose / type


Building owner name

Tomáše Bati

Architect name

Eva Jiřičná


Company name: Z & Ř STAVBY s.r.o.

Main Representative: Michal Říháček

Number of collaborators: 25

Specialties: Drywall construction, Reconstruction, Windows

Founded in: 2016

Biography: We carry out all plasterboard works. We can build partitions, ceilings, partitions and various atypical shapes such as the lining of spiral staircases.

Auditorium of the Academic Centre - Tomas Bata University - Gypsum International Trophy 2023

Contractors: Z & Ř STAVBY s.r.o.

Key Challenges

  • This project features a unique construction system for the multilevel ceilings, with direct support from the technical staff at Rigips.
  • It also includes cooperation with the famous architect Eva Jiřičná, resulting in a perfect combination of architectural design and acoustic performance.

Key Achievements

  • The project was successful due to good relationships and cooperation within the team, the invention of a new solution, and performance beyond regulatory requirements.

Architect’s testimonial
Eva Jiřičná
Even at my age I think that architects must create for pleasure and that it is better to use colour. It’s like a little child, if he can choose, he will choose a colourful thing too. And I still have that little kid in me somehow

Saint-Gobain products & systems

Saint-Gobain Team

Jaromír Puffer

Photographer’s name

Jan Kroupa