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ArgentinaArgentinaCompany Name: Saltapor - Gealtec

Project description

It is an 18,000 m2 project with 1200 job positions capacity with high level standards. It’s the most advanced and sustainable corporate building in western Argentina.
They use Placo solution like Habito ands Isover solutions like Climaver.
Habito helped the contractor solve a marble finish on a drywall solution.

Main information

Sustainability certification goal
Building size

18 000 m²

Building purpose / type

Offices / Administration

Building owner name

Sancor Seguros and Grupo Presidente

Architect name

BMA architects


Company name: Saltapor – Gealtec

Main Representative: Mr. Leandro Rebori and Mr. Adolfo Salinas

Number of collaborators: 33

Specialties: Drywall and steelframe

Founded in: 2012

Contractors: Mr. Leandro Rebori and Mr. Adolfo Salinas

Key Challenges

  • Time
  • Tiling marble on boards
  • Replace fibercement boards
  • Always work with lightweight construction
  • Good insulation

Saint-Gobain products & systems

HABITO and Weber Pasta
Placo STD + RH
Isover acustiver R
2 in 1 product
Impact resistant
Productivity gain
Term cost

Saint-Gobain Team

Uriel Gandulfo, Alejandro Mackinlay

Photographer’s name

Laura Berti