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PortugalPortugalCompany Name: Divimadeira, S.A.

Project description

Centenary building acquired by CGD, the company’s headquarters on the island of Madeira, which was restored with the objective of maintaining the building’s historic design and improving the building’s thermal and acoustic performance in order to make it more comfortable, habitable and safe.

Main information

Building size

1 000 m²

Building purpose / type



Company name: Divimadeira, S.A.

Main Representative: Mr. Pedro Cruz & Mr. Mário Barbosa

Number of collaborators: 20 (300 in main group D2W)

Specialties: Drywall solutions, acoustic solutions

Founded in: 2011

Biography: Divimadeira S.A. is a specialized company in drywall systems application, based in Madeira Island – Portugal. It works mostly with big contractors on big buildings. The company works on drywall systems, especially in collective houses and services buildings. The activity is essentially in Madeira Island region. The company is costumer of Saint-Gobain for around 10 years, with a special focus on Placo® and Gabelex brands.

Contractor: Mr. Pedro Cruz

Key Challenges

  • Constraints imposed by the renovation work.
  • Keep the building’s original identity, modernizing the building’s performance (thermal, acoustics, interior aesthetics).
  • Limited execution time.

Key Achievements

  • Team with know-how and experience in this type of renovation (over 20 years in this activity).
  • Fast execution capacity in limited periods of time.
  • Strong relationship with big contractor company.

Saint-Gobain products & systems

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