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Casa de la Música y el Teatro

SpainSpainCompany Name: ARTECOVA, S.L.

Project description

The unique volumetric formalization of the building , House of Music and Theatre, located in Arroyo de la Encomienda, Valladolid was designed to achieve the perfect combination between the music school and the auditorium with the highest levels of acoustic comfort and reverberation. With capacity for 608 people, this representative building required different systems to fulfill users needs in each space.

The volumetry of the building responds to the need to solve two different programs: Auditorium and School of Music. A large volume is located at the north end of the plot, housing the auditorium and its related rooms; the rest of the smaller rooms house the classrooms from the music school. This volumetric atomization has a double intention: to escape from a massive building and to minimize the noise pollution between classrooms. The auditorium intends to bring the past and the future of theatrical/musical performance face to face. The musical metaphor appears many times in the proposal.

Main information

Building size

8 980 m²

Building purpose / type

and Theatre

Architect name



Company name: ARTECOVA, S.L.

Main Representative: Mr. Jose Carlos Alvear, Mr. Luis Ángel García

Specialties: Acoustic insulation, Acoustic engineering, Plasterboard and insulation installation (ceilings, drywall, etc,)

Number of collaborators: 24

Founded in: 2008

Biography: With more than 15 years expertise, Arteco is an acoustic service company, deploying it activity in several business areas: building, engineering and environment, sale and distribution of materials, accredited acoustic tests, as well as constructive solutions in the fields of application that are required. Always having as a reference, the search for the satisfaction of the customer needs.

Specialities: Acoustic insulation, Acoustic engineering, Plasterboard and insulation installation (ceilings, drywall, etc.)

Casa de la Música y el Teatro - Gypsum International Trophy 2023

Contractors: Mr. Jose Carlos Alvear, Mr. Luis Ángel García

Key Challenges

  • Perfect selection & implementation of the solutions to achieve the optimal acoustic performances for each room/space use.

  • The complexity of the ceilings designed, with a different geometric style in each space.

  • Combination of aesthetic finishing of different solutions: Gyptone®, Rigitone®, 4PRO®

  • Mantain the unified design line between indoor spaces and external volumes of the building trough ceilings and walls systems.

Key Achievements

  • Optimal acoustic performances and reverberation control in each space type.

  • Sophisticated design based on value added systems.

  • Perfect aesthetic with acoustic and indoor air quality performances.

  • Fulfill architects design and regulatory requirement thru wide range of solutions to overcome all needs.

Architect’s testimonial
The soul and claim for this project was, in one phrase: Divide to integrate

Saint-Gobain products & systems

Acoustic control
Rigitone® and Gyptone®
Acoustic insulation
Placo® PPH
Superior aesthetic and design
Inspiring spaces
4PRO® / PLACOTHERM® Glasroc® X
Impact resistant
Energy efficiency

Saint-Gobain Team

Pilar Garcia Cabrera, Paloma Moreno Álvarez