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CBS International HQ

SerbiaSerbiaCompany Name: Studio M savremeni sistemi gradnje d.o.o.

Project description

CBS International HQ with an area of 1,000 m2 is located in the newest building in the Airport City Belgrade complex on the highest 11th floor.

The workspace is carefully designed and created, with lots of natural light and alternative work zones, adapted to current requirements. Respecting the requirements of each workplace, care was taken to ensure that individual spaces functionally and thematically correspond to each sector, i.e. the type and dynamics of each employee’s work.

In accordance with new trends, the goal was to create an environmentally friendly and efficient work environment that will be functional and comfortable, as well as inspiring – one that encourages creativity and productivity of employees, team spirit and a positive work atmosphere.

This was achieved by combining glass, gypsum and other interior wall designs between corridors and office units, drylining of concrete beams, monolith suspended ceiling in corridors.

Main information

Building size

1 000 m² of office space

Building purpose / type


Building owner name

CBS International d.o.o. Belgrade

Architect name

CBS International Project Management & Design Team


Company name: Studio M savremeni sistemi gradnje d.o.o.

Main Representative: Mr. Nikola Pavlovic / Mr. Marko Petrovic

Number of collaborators: 52

Specialties: Suspended ceilings, Dry wall systems

Founded in: 2001

Biography: Studio M savremeni sistemi gradnje d.o.o Belgrade focuses mainly on high-end commercial interiors in addition to residential, industrial and mix use projects. Studio M provides the qualified manpower for any project – no matter its complexity or where it’s located. Their experienced and well-organized team of employees with its flexibility and quality of executed works managed to satisfy the most demanding clients that are usually foreign investment companies.

Contractors: Mr. Nikola Pavlovic / Mr. Marko Petrovic

Key Challenges

  • “The biggest challenge when defining the workplace strategy is the flexibility of the space, which should suit all employees regardless of generation or department to which they belong, and that everything be integrated into the company’s branding. We believe that we have achieved a perfect balance between the two”, said Silvia Đurić, Head of the CBS International Project Management Sector.

  • Very tight construction schedule based on the fact that the project is located in high-traffic multi-functional business park called Airport City.

  • Custom-design partition walls based on geometrical shapes, combined with glass surfaces with the purpose of providing the atmosphere and beauty of office space culture.

  • Correct acoustic control for the work center open space.

Key Achievements

  • Excellent precision in every installed detail, especially where glass and gypsum walls were combined.

  • Fulfilled demanding project conditions, due to experienced installer team, Project Management tasks and good logistic support.

  • Completion of the project according to investor’s challenging time schedule.

  • A truly collaborative approach with Rigips Team providing technical support upon project specific details on a daily basis.

Saint-Gobain products & systems

Load bearing guarantee
Habito plasterboard
Light weight
Suspended monolitic ceiling
Allows curved design
Partition wall system for curved walls with Riflex Glasroc F

Saint-Gobain Team

Mina Milinovic Balac

Photographer’s name

Milos Martinovic