Athens 2023 | Ceilings

Centro PIME

ItalyItalyCompany Name: CRS S.r.l.

Project description

The desire to highlight the differences between the historic matrix and the new interventions is immediately perceptible from the contrast between the existing walls, simply and left in original state, and some elements that distinguish the project: from the surfaces of quartz-smoothed concrete flooring to the exhibition windows to the Saint-Gobain acoustic ceilings punctuated by iconic suspended “pyramids” positioned in correspondence with multimedia and interactive devices.

The “Mother House” basement, once for cellars and warehouses, is currently divided into three different wings:
central part – entrance, reception area, PIME InfoPoint, an area for temporary exhibitions and a “literary” café;
right wing – commercial spaces, large bookshop and a shop for the sale of fair trade products
left wing – spaces of the “Museo Popoli e Culture”, entirely dedicated to the knowledge of non-European cultures.

Main information

Building size

1 400 m²

Building purpose / type


Building owner name

Pontificio Istituto Missioni Estere

Architect name

Alterstudio Partners


Company name: CRS S.r.l.

Main Representative: Mr. Salvatore Camporeale (Co-Founder) / Mr. Cristiano Vendemiati (Co-Founder)

Number of collaborators: 10

Specialties: Ceilings, Partition walls

Founded in: 2000

Biography: Dynamic company that operates in the construction and interior architecture sector of quality, years of experience in the field have developed a fertile design mentality and an aptitude for the constant study of the ad hoc solution.
Specialized in the installation of integrated dry systems of any type or kind, false ceilings, raised technical floors, plasterboard walls and furniture.

Contractors: Mr. Salvatore Camporeale / Mr. Cristiano Vendemiati

Key Challenges

  • Development of several ad hoc new solutions for pyramid elements
  • System and exhibition devices ceiling integration
  • Dialogue with the historical structure and the exhibition contents

Key Achievements

  • Great relationship and cooperation within the customers, both design team and installers
  • Customer’s deep knowledge of Saint-Gobain offer (especially Gyproc)
  • Customer expertise in tailored drywall solution driven by needs
  • Efficiency in supply and works completion

Saint-Gobain products & systems

Allows curved design
Gyproc Wallboard 13, Gyproc Gyptone Big Quattro 42 Activ’Air®
Productivity gain
Gyproc Wallboard 13
Gyproc Wallboard 13
Light weight
Gyproc Wallboard 13
Acoustic control
Gyproc Gyptone Big Quattro 42 Activ’Air®
Gyproc Gyptone Big Quattro 42 Activ’Air®
Indoor air quality
Gyproc Gyptone Big Quattro 42 Activ’Air®

Saint-Gobain Team

Dario Cassani, Linda D’Agresti

Photographer’s name

Lorenzo Bartoli for Saint-Gobain Italia