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Clínica Deza

SpainSpainCompany Name: MAS ESPACIO 2010, SLL

Project description

The new Deza clinic, located in the shopping center of Lalín, in Pontevedra, in the north-west of Spain, This medical center with more than 1,500 m2 and with 18 different health specialties, host this new Dental Clinic, which architecture design required a complex combination of building systems to fulfill each space needs inner to their use, aligned with the style and identity stablished for the project.

This singular medical building counts with a wide range of efficient systems based on highperformance plasterboards and insulation solutions, to provide optimal thermal and acoustic insulation in envelope, walls and partitions. Also in ceilings, where the curved designed combined with other aesthetic material such as laminated wool, demands a high level in finishing and also, optimal adaptation to manipulation.

Work has been carried out at height with different anchoring areas at forged having to use auxiliary structures and different types of fastenings with the High-Stil® system, restating dimensions to get the same curved profile in footlight partitions.

Also, they have developed and executed decorative elements such as light fixtures, curved planes and guidelines and radial partitions, with an excellent quality level, as the Q4 finish, that highlights the aesthetics of the building.
On demand of the design, the curved cavities that create this modern and fresh aesthetic, required equal resistance and adaptation in its installation, to finally achieve the shapes.

Main information

Building size

450 m²

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Company name: MAS ESPACIO 2010, SLL

Main Representative: Mr. Juan Carlos Carballude Sánchez, Mrs. Mónica Valladares Gurgueiro

Number of collaborators: 15

Specialties: Drywall systems, suspended ceiling sand partitions. acoustic and thermal insulation for residential and commercial buildings…

Founded in: 2010

Biography: Más Espacio, is a company dedicated to interior design, committed with quality at all levels. The relationship with the customer and the quality of our work, with the support that our technical office puts at customer’s disposal, we work to shape to our customer’s ideas and carry out the work. precisely and efficiently, meeting the established deadlines and of course, finishing expectations.

Clínica Deza - Gypsum International Trophy 2023

Contractors: Mr. Juan Carlos Carballude Sánchez, Mrs. Mónica Valladares Gurgueiro

Key Challenges

  • Light installation based on the ceiling shapes defined.
  • Correct acoustic control in each space required by its use.
  • Work at High rise walls in different areas requiring auxiliar structures and several fixing accessories in each case.
  • Finishing level in sloped and curved planes.
  • Creation of lightning cavity between fixture of continuous ceilings and modular ceilings systems.

Key Achievements

  • Excellent precision and detail in every execution

  • Superior finishing level to ensure a perfect result with detailed lighting design.

  • Modern design and maximum efficient systems, in order to accomplish the sustainable goals stablished for the whole building.

  • Perfect finish in corners with a handmade work in each piece using drywall corners and Q4 finishing level in curved and inclined planes.

  • Acoustic insulation between rooms to guarantee the acoustic comfort to end users

Saint-Gobain products & systems

Allows curved design
Glasroc® X, Placo® BA
Moisture resistance
Glasroc® X, Placo® BA / Placo® PPM
Impact resistant
Habito® + Geowall mineral wool
Energy efficiency
Habito® + Geowall mineral wool
Acoustic insulation
Habito® + Geowall mineral wool
Structurally validated
High-Stil® System

Saint-Gobain Team

Maria Charco, Paloma Moreno