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Cukrownia Żnin

PolandPolandCompany Name: ARCHE S.A.

Project description

Unique post-industrial halls transformed into multi-functional, state-of-the-art-equipped conference rooms, beautiful details alluding to the factory’s history, oryginal decoration and stylish lighting. Cukrownia Żnin is an ideal place for business, social and cultural meetings. A space with huge potential.
The sugar factory is located 40 kilometers south of Bydgoszcz, directly by the Duże Żnińskie lake.
It is a place for outdoor enthusiasts and water sports lovers.
The facility includes:
2 hotels – 636 beds, 15 two-storey apartments, 11 conference rooms,
brewery with local beer, bowling alley with a club room, an 835 m² restaurant,
marina with access to a beach and a pier, canoes, pedal boats,
SPA centre, a 1350 m² wellness zone with a swimming pool, a paddling pool and slides, jacuzzi, saunas, relaxation zone,
children’s playroom, cooking workshops.

Main information

Building size

35 000 m²

Building purpose / type


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Architect name

Bulak Projekt


Company name : ARCHE S.A.

Biography: Waldemar Celiński-Mysław, associated with the construction industry since 1997. Always interested in the construction industry. Graduated from a construction school. His greatest professional achievement was the execution of the conference and leisure complex Cukrownia Żnin in Żnin, but the greatest challenge was the construction work related to the reconstruction of the Palace in Łochów. The contractor likes his job because this is his passion and driving force for the action. Antoni Gaudi the creator of the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona is the greatest authority for Waldemar​​. In the future he will hand over the running of the company to his son, and will do what he like the most hunting and travelling.

Main Representative: Mr. Piotr Grochowski & Mr. Marcin Hołub

Number of collaborators: 100

Specialties: Construction and sale of apartments and flats, Construction, renovation, sale and management of hotels

Founded in: 1991

Innovation Partner: Filar s.c.

CUKROWNIA ŻNIN - Piotr Grochowski - Gypsum International Trophy 2023

Contractor: Piotr Grochowski

CUKROWNIA ŻNIN - Waldemar Celinski Myslaw - Gypsum International Trophy 2023

Drywall system Contractor: Waldemar Celiński-Mysław

Saint-Gobain products & systems

Moisture resistance
Ceilings in the pool area plaster board Glasroc X OCEAN, Walls in the bathrooms 3.27.014 AQUAROC
Fire protection
system 4.10.15 with fire plaster board 2x 12.5 RIGIPS PRO Fire+ typ DF, mineral wool ISOVER 150 mm, 4.05.15 – fire cladding of lightweight ceilings
Light weight
Self-supporting structure in the BOX Rigips – system of walls and ceilings with profiles UA and plaster boards Pro AKU
Acoustic control
3.40.06 AKU – 10 000 m2 – acoustic R’ A1 61 dB and system 3.40.05

Saint-Gobain Team

Piotr Kaba

Photographer’s name

Tomasz Osiak