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Echo | Technical University Delft

NetherlandsNetherlandsCompany Name: B&O Projectafbouw B.V.

Project description

Echo is the new interfaculty building for Technical University Delft, designed to meet this leading university’s need for flexible extra teaching space – now and in the future. It was established in light of the ever-increasing student numbers and the need to support different educational typologies and teaching methods. It is a sustainable building in which the wellbeing of the user is central.

This energy-generating building offers a variety of teaching rooms to cater for the diversity of teaching methods and study styles. As the most sustainable building at the TU Delft, this campus building is contributing to the university’s ambition to operate a fully sustainable campus by 2030. Echo is energy-generating, including user-oriented energy for laptops or illumination. Solar panels, insulation and heat/cold storage have been applied.

The interfaculty building offers 1.700 teaching places in seven teaching areas with capacities varying from 64 to 700 persons. Some rooms are flexible and adjustable, like the main auditorium that can be split into three separate education rooms. Echo also offers multiple pleasant areas to meet or eat.

Echo is characteristic for its special shapes and heights, which, combined with the high demands on sound insulation and fire safety, created interesting challenges for contractor B&O. They required extensive preparation and engineering to meet all the high demands and specifications with creative solutions.

Main information

Building size

8 300 m²

Building purpose / type


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Company name: B&O Projectafbouw B.V.

Main Representative: Mr. Paul Bleeker, Mr. Pieter Veerman

Number of collaborators: 130 to 150 persons including all project teams

Specialties: Drywall solutions: wall, ceilings, floor, acoustic solutions, panelling

Founded in: 1991

Biography: B&O Projectafbouw has been specialist in drywall solutions for walls, ceilings and flooring as well as acoustic facilities and paneling since 1991. They work for contractors, corporate end-users, housing corporations and governmental institutes. B&O always seeks high quality solutions. By their expertise and working with the latest technology and products B&O always offers sustainable and smart solutions.

Innovation Partner: Koninklijke BAM Groep (Royal BAM Group), Bunnik

Contractors: Mr. Paul Bleeker, Mr. Pieter Veerman

Key Challenges

  • Extensive engineering and preparation were required

  • Working with the extraordinary heights and unusual shapes, sizes, curves

  • The high demands on acoustics and fire safety

  • To realise the construction in the limited timeframe

Key Achievements

B&O delivered added value in engineering for this special project:

  • the additional steel construction frame to realise the bended wallsystems
  • the required additional load bearing capacity for the visual wooden trusses
  • Guaranteed fire-resistant wall systems

B&O also delivered high-quality installation in a very short time-frame

Saint-Gobain products & systems

Fire protection
Gyproc partition wall GF 200 ECO DGS/2.150.2.A + Fire resistant Gyproc shaft wall GF 138 RF V/100.3.A
Allows curved design
Gyproc wall lining GF 126 V/100.4.A
Acoustic insulation
Acoustic Gyproc ceiling GF 175 P/125.4.A

Saint-Gobain Team

Erik Heuvels, Stephan Vlaanderen

Photographer’s name

Dave Weij Fotografie