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Edificio Montecarlo

SpainSpainCompany Name: Tecnodur Valenciana S.L.

Project description

This beachfront new residential building raises up with old town views of Peñíscola. Montecarlo Building come up with a zig-zag design that gives the place a vanguardist concept. The façade has been installed using Placotherm® Integra with Glasroc® X combined with arena APTA from Isover to obtain an increased level of insulation and efficiency. The construction has also the Glasroc® X plasterboard installed in semi-outdoors ceilings with IBR mineral wool and the mortar Placotherm® Base to avoid condensation apparitions. In indoor spaces, a complete partition system with Habito®, Placo® PPH and arena APTA insulation has been installed, providing the highest acoustic performances to the building.

Main information

Building size

2 258,15 m²

Building purpose / type

New Group

Architect name

Carlos Escura Brau


Company name: Tecnodur Valenciana S.L.

Number of collaborators: 70

Specialties: Residential buildings, Energy efficiency, plasterboard installation (ceilings, walls, partitions, façade), Plaster decoration, InnovatIVE building systems, Thermo acoustic insulation in Façades

Founded in: 1990

Biography: Company dedicated to the installation of laminated plasterboard systems, complementing this work with passive protection solutions, ventilated facades. Experience, together with the most modern and efficient installation techniques, together with the highest quality products and materials and the best suppliers, make TECNODUR VALENCIANA one of the most powerful companies in its sector in any execution of work or project.

Edificio Montecarlo - Gypsum International Trophy 2023

Contractor: Tecnodur Valenciana S.L.

Key Challenges

  • Excellent aesthetic finish in all outdoor and indoor spaces.

  • Excellent precision and detail in every execution.

  • Acoustical insulation between rooms to guarantee the acoustic comfort to end users.

  • Overcome the necessities of each space with a combination of different high performance plasterboard solutions.

  • High load capacity walls for furniture supported directly on the plasterboard (Kitchen)

Key Achievements

  • Excellent finish according to architect design and light circumstances

  • Easy magement of the problems due to the good relationship between architect and installer

  • Capability to provide a wide range of solutions to overcome the performances needed in each space

  • Perfect adaptation to aesthetics requirements in ceilings, partitions, walls and external applications.

  • Achieve the load and moisture requirements using a performance solution (Habito® / Habito® PPM).

Saint-Gobain products & systems

Moisture resistance
Plactoherm® Façade System with Glasroc® X and arena APTA. Light & efficient façade / IBR Mineral Wool
Acoustic insulation
Plactoherm® Façade System with Glasroc® X and arena APTA. Light & efficient façade / Arena APTA + Habito® / Placophonique®
Energy efficiency
Plactoherm® Façade System with Glasroc® X and arena APTA. Light & efficient façade / Arena APTA + Habito® / Placophonique®
Fire protection
Glasroc® X + IBR Mineral Wool
Arena APTA + Habito®

Saint-Gobain Team

Álvaro Nogueira, Paloma Moreno