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Floripa Airport

BrazilBrazilCompany Name: Idea Sistemas

Project description

Florianópolis International Airport, with a new passenger terminal and access roads. It houses administrative areas, departure and arrival lounges, as well as a variety of shops, a food court, panoramic terrace and space for events. Was recognized as the best institutional building by the Saint-Gobain Brasil AsBEA architecture award, in addition to the first place in the architectural project category, authored by Mario Biselli. The project had the challenge of overcoming large spans with high ceilings and adapting to the strong winds in the region, for that all the drywall solutions were fully designed in BIM. The project was recognized as a green airport by ACI (Airports Council International) due to a reverse logistics policy for waste disposal.

Main information

Sustainability certification goal
Building size

35 000 m²

Building purpose / type


Building owner name

Zurich Airport Brasil

Architect name

Mario Biselli


Company name: Idea Sistemas

Main Representative: Mr. Levi Chimello Simões

Specialties: Dry construction, Steel frame

Founded in: 2004

Biography: Pioneering, expertise and efficiency in dry construction. Since 2004, Idea has contributed to the modernization and industrialization of civil construction. First located at São Paulo, it expanded its horizons, having carried out works in almost all Brazilian states. Has surpassed the amount of 1 million m2 of installed drywall boards.

Contractor: Mr. Levi Chimello Simões

Key Challenges

  • High ceilings
  • Structure adequacy to strong local winds (coastal area)

Key Achievements

  • Reverse logistics program
  • Saving of 1.5 million with structural project adequacy
  • Change the specification of competitor’s products to Placo® solutions.
  • Project fully designed in BIM
Owner’s testimonial
Zurich Airport Brasil
Quality and efficiency are the guyiding principles of the Zurich Airport Group, as well as transforming airports into pleasant where people like to be.
Architect’s testimonial
Mario Biselli
A large steel structure roof with a design inspired by aeronautical geometry gives this block its uniqueness. Zenith openings allow the features were strategicallypositioned over the check-in counters and over the garden with native species of vegetation.

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Saint-Gobain Team

Thiago Dorlhac Kaschny, Alice Lima Cabral, Maiara Vilas Boas