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Google India

IndiaIndiaCompany Name: Narsi Group

Project description

Google India Hyderabad is Google’s Largest Campus outside US.
The Campus is located in Hyderabad’s financial district called Nanakramguda.

The idea behind investing in this project for Google was to provide their highly-skilled workforce with a workplace that is creative and has a healthy environment.

The building prioritizes sustainability and energy efficiency throughout its design and is IGBC certified platinum-rated Green building.

Main information

Sustainability certification goal
Building size

7 500 m²

Building purpose / type

Commercial Office

Building owner name

Salarpuria Sattva

Architect name

DWP Interics Pvt. Ltd.


Company name: Narsi Group

Main Representative: Mr. Narsi Kularia

Number of collaborators: 300

Specialties: Design & Build, Premium offices, Turnkey Interior Contracts

Founded in: 1986

Biography: We’re a design oriented, one-stop interior turnkey solutions provider. A strong team of innovators and passionate individuals, who are tech driven. We use state of the art manufacturing technology, which makes us Industry 4.0 ready. Design & Build, Manufacturing and Projects are our pillars. Excellence in customer service and care with emphasis on consistently understanding and meeting every special need of our customers, are our hallmarks. Our Strategy – Using innovative methods and latest technology by investing in research and development. Our Vision – To be a one-stop interior fit-out service provider with a global reach with special emphasis on rigorous innovation, to deliver premium quality at the best price and to be strong advocates of the ‘Make in India’ movement.

Contractor: Mr. Narsi Kularia

Key Challenges

  • Ensuring sound reduction and control of noise
  • Reducing reverb effect and creating indoor comfort
  • To deliver high aesthetic value incorporating solutions in coffered design
  • Low Maintenance solutions were needed
  • Improve Indore Air Quality

Key Achievements

  • Development of a Creative Design:
    To match the design intent of the architect, a perforated gypsum ceiling system was installed within the coffered look ceiling, 3ft by 3ft end-to-end perforated ceilings were provided was a seamless finish.
  • New design application:
    A unique patch design was experimented with Rigitone boards to ensure good acoustic performance in the given design scope. The ceilings are re-paintable and can be colored as per the ambiance of the office. Also, sound absorption of 0.6 NRC was achieved in high-traffic areas of the office.

Saint-Gobain products & systems

Acoustic control
Rigitone Activ’Air for cafeteria, corridors and open office, Blending acoustic with aesthetics
3 in 1 product
Rigitone Activ’Air for cafeteria and corridors
Neat finish
Rigitone Activ’Air for cafeteria and corridors, Blending acoustic with aesthetics
Environmentally friendly
Rigitone Activ’Air for open office
Indoor air quality
Rigitone Activ’Air for open office, Blending acoustic with aesthetics
Productivity gain
Blending acoustic with aesthetics