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SpainSpainCompany Name: PLAKANARIAS, S.L.

Project description

In a privileged location, over a cliff in the north of Tenerife Island, this single-family house originally from 1967, combines latest modern designs and highest thermal and acoustic comfort level thru innovative and added-value building solutions to make possible a complete rehabilitation.

Luxury meets sustainability with highly energy efficient insulation and plasterboard systems, in indoor and outdoor areas.
Its state of conservation made possible to fully rehabilitate the building, while respecting the original distribution of glass volumes that are threaded onto a natural stone fireplace that anchors the house to the imposing natural terrain from which it emerges.

This rehabilitation followed two main goals, to bring comfort in every space of the building, while achieving clean and organic design, maintaining the connection between the house and its environment.
The premium Saint-Gobain system solution for walls and partitions with Habito® plasterboard and arena APTA mineral wool, provided the high-level thermal and acoustic comfort required.

The facade solution which better responds to the needs of this living place was the ventilated facade Placotherm® V. Thanks to this solution, the energy efficiency of the house has been increased, thereby getting it an elevated acoustic insulation. The systems have been completed with Isover mineral wool to improve the insulation, as well as Weber solutions.

Main information

Building size

280 m²

Building purpose / type

Private House

Building owner name


Architect name



Company name: PLAKANARIAS, S.L.

Main Representative: Mr. FRAN TRUJILLO LUIS

Number of collaborators: 8

Specialties: Residential buildings, Energy efficiency, Integral projects management, plasterboard installation (ceilings, walls, partitions, façade), Plaster decoration, Innovators building systems, Thermo acoustic insulation in Façades

Founded in: 2015

Biography: Plakanarias is focused on design, innovation, refurbishment and above all sustainability, to make building more relevant to society. “It is not about building bigger, taller or stronger architectural elements, but a better life for people.”


Key Challenges

  • Excellent aesthetic finish in all outdoor and indoor spaces.

  • Overcome the necessities of each space with a combination of different high-performance plasterboard and insulation solutions.

  • High load capacity walls for furniture supported directly on the plasterboard.

  • Perfect finish in ceilings needed in spaces with grazing light.

  • Image renovated thanks to Placotherm® V

Key Achievements

  • Good relationship/cooperation within the team.

  • Excellent finish according to architect design and light circumstances.

  • Easy management of the problems due to the good relationship between architect and installer.

  • Capability to provide a wide range of solutions to overcome the performances needed in each space, including Isover, Placo® and Weber solutions.

  • Perfect adaptation to aesthetics requirements in ceilings, partitions, walls and external applications.

  • Achieve the load and moisture requirements using a performance solution (Habito® / Habito® PPM).

Owner’s testimonial
The house is formed by transparent volumes linked by a fireplace overlooking breathtaking views
Architect’s testimonial
The complete restoration of the house while respecting its skillful location on the edge of the cliff and the existing footprint was a big challenge

Saint-Gobain products & systems

Acoustic insulation
Habito® and arena APTA
Energy efficiency
Habito® and arena APTA
Habito® and arena APTA / Habito® PPM & Placo® PPM
Moisture resistance
Habito® PPM & Placo® PPM / Plactoherm® V Façade System with Glasroc® X and ECOVENT VN
Superior aesthetic and design
4PRO®, and 4PRO® PPM

Saint-Gobain Team

Mariluz Jimeno, Paloma Moreno