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La Rochelle Town Hall

FranceFranceCompany Name: Douzille

Project description

Identical, but new!

On 28 June 2013, a fire partially destroyed the town hall of La Rochelle, which is considered the “oldest town hall in France”. The building has housed La Rochelle’s town hall since 1298 and has been a listed building since 1861.

The challenge of the reconstruction was twofold: to rehabilitate the building and to take advantage of the disaster to rationalise the adjacent buildings in order to offer a more accessible and functional building while preserving its specific heritage features.

Main information

Building size

1 900 m²

Building purpose / type


Building owner name

City of la Rochelle

Architect name

Chief architect of
historic national


Company name: Douzille

Main Representative: Mr Vincent GIRAUD

Number of collaborators: 20

Specialties: Plaster, plasterboard, celing installation, insulation

Founded in: 1952

Biography: Founded more than 100 years ago by Mr Douzille, the company is an expert in plastering work. Now run by two former employees, the company puts its experience at the service of its customers to offer the best plastering work around the town of La Rochelle.

Innovation Partner: HISTORIC MONUMENTS

Contractors: Mr Vincent GIRAUD

Building Owner’s testimonial
Jean-François FOUTAINE, Mayor of La Rochelle
I appreciated your skill and compassion,” he told the workers, “you will be able to tell your families : we have rebuilt the town hall of La Rochelle.
Architect’s testimonial
Philippe VILLENEUVE, chief architect of historic national monuments
The fire was, it’s a bit horrible to say it, a real opportunity for this monument, because now it’s rational, it’s fluid, it’s clear and it’s valued so it was a bad for a very good I hope.

Saint-Gobain products & systems

Robustness guarantee
Placoplatre® BA 25, Placoplatre® BA 18S (Placo®)
High Stil® 70 system (Placo®)
Acoustic control
Rigitone® Activ’Air® 8-15-20 Super (Placo®), Solo 120x240mm (Ecophon), Tonga A 22 600×600 mm (Eurocoustic)
Indoor air quality
Rigitone® Activ’Air® 8-15-20 Super (Placo®)
Fixing capability
Habito® 13 (Placo®)
Fire protection
Stil Prim® Tech system, Placoflam® BA 13 (Placo®)
Energy efficiency
IBR kraft 240 mm (Isover), GR 32 120 mm (Isover)
Neat finish
Ecophon Hygiene 1200×600 mm, Solo 120x240mm (Ecophon)

Saint-Gobain Team


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