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Manufaktura Grossa

PolandPolandCompany Name: GRUPA BESKID Janusz i Krystian Dybek

Project description

The Jacob Gross Vodka and Liqueur Factory in Bielsko-Biała, located at the intersection of the streets Stojałowskiego No 1 and at the corner of Lwowska Street, was established in that place in 1857.
The facility includes:
30 luxury flats/apartments, ranging in size from 25 to 95 m².
The largest and at the same time most impressive of them is located in the so-called tower, the highest point of the entire building, and it is a two-storey penthouse.
Located on the first floor, the commercial premises (including a law firm), in addition to their representative location and prominence, have unique historic interiors, i.e. vaults, pillars, brick walls and large, post-industrial windows.

Main information

Building size

2 200 m²

Building purpose / type

Renovated group residence

Building owner name

Grupa Beskid

Architect name



Company name: GRUPA BESKID Janusz i Krystian Dybek

Main Representative: Mr. Janusz Dybek & Mr. Krystian Dybek

Number of collaborators: < 40

Specialties: Constructing residential buildings

Founded in: 2021

Innovation Partner: W&W Architekci

Contractor: Janusz Dybek & Krystian Dybek

Key Challenges

  • Ensuring proper thermal efficiency improvement using ISOVER and RIGIPS products to reduce utility costs of the facility.

  • Optimalisation of the use of the floor space of residential and commercial premises by using RIGIPS systems instead of traditional masonry walls.

  • Maintaining the recommended sound isolation in a space, where high attic columns were used.

  • Planning logistics for the delivery of construction materials due to the location of the facility in the city centre, on two main streets (delivery time constraints, limited material storage area).

  • Building high walls on the top floor (4–6 m high) – in a two-storey apartment.

Key Achievements

  • The service and technical knowledge of SG products and systems, provided by SG Advisor at the stage of bidding process, had a key impact on the selection of an SG offer.

  • Excellent cooperation with the Architecture firms Duffla (overall project) and W&W Architekci (commercial premises on the ground floor – law firm) at the stage of project preparation.

  • Professional support from SG – constant contact between the SG Advisor, the Contractor and the Architects.

  • Sucsessfull collaboration with the Distributor AXIOM Bielsko-Biała (availability of all products and timely delivery of products to the construction site).

  • Project completed on time and in accordance with the adopted budget.

Saint-Gobain products & systems

Acoustic insulation
Walls in corridors – acoustics requirements R’ A1 50 dB / system 3.40.06 AKU, Wawlls between apartments – acoustics requirements R’ A1 50 dB / system 3.41.02 AKU
Fire protection
steel elements – system 6.10.00 Glasroc F boards, wooden elements – system 6.30.00, for walls in corridors & between apartments fire protection requirements EI60
2 in 1 product
Improvement acoustic insulation – 4.05.25 AKU plus ISOVER wool (super-mata)
Moisture resistance
GLASROC X wall system

Saint-Gobain Team

Marcin Piotrowski

Photographer’s name

Tomasz Osiak