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Niagara Falls Entertainment Centre

CanadaCanadaCompany Name: Daly Smith Contracting Inc

Project description

The Niagara Falls Entertainment Centre located in Niagara Falls, ON is a LEED Certified 5000 seat performing arts centre.
Project was completed by DSCI which is a joint venture formed in 2018 by the 2 largest contractors in Hamilton, ON formed to pursue large infrastructure projects.
290 custom designed black 6” thick low frequency tuner panels were developed with the support of Daly Smith and Bird Construction. Approx 30,000 s.q of Hir1 2 “ thick fabric wrapped wall panels from Decoustics were installed on the back and side walls installed progressively with full scale scaffolding coordinated , positioned and controlled by Daly Smith Contracting
This project used specialty board such as 5/8 Type X and 5/8 Extreme Abuse Resistant. It was a challenging project with many changes and many custom made products such as the acoustical clouds that is shown in the picture . In the end all the calibration between CertainTeed, Saint-Gobain Decoustics and Daly Smith Contracting (DSCI) was worth it as the entertainment centre which is attached to Niagara Casino is a beautiful theatre that has hosted many entertaining venues.

Main information

Sustainability certification goal
Building size

22 300 m²

Building purpose / type

Arts Theatre

Building owner name


Architect name



Company name: Daly Smith Contracting Inc

Main Representative: Doug Smith, Adam Dewitt & Dan Daly

Number of collaborators: 75

Specialties: DSCI specializes in large Commercial/Institutional projects where a high degree of drywall specialties are required such as Fire Ratings, Sound Panels & intricate interior & exterior framing.  

Founded in: Smith Brothers Contracting Corp – est. in 1932, PJ Daly – est. in 1953, Daly Smith Contracting Inc. – 2018 

Biography: Smith Brothers’ Contracting & PJ Daly are the 2 largest drywall contractors in the Hamilton Niagara area.  Bird Construction approached them about joining forces to complete a 20 million dollar Theatre in Niagara Falls.  Time restraints in the schedule required a pooled manpower to complete this project on time & on budget.  The Team of Daly Smith Contracting Incorporated (DSCI) was born and was up to the challenge to make it happen.  The DSCI team has gone on to complete other successful projects in the Hamilton Niagara Area.

Innovation Partner: Bird Construction, Decousitcs

Niagara Falls Entertainment Centre - Gypsum International Trophy 2023

Contractor: Doug Smith

Niagara Falls Entertainment Centre - Gypsum International Trophy 2023

Contractor: Adam Dewitt

Niagara Falls Entertainment Centre - Gypsum International Trophy 2023

Contractor: Dan Daly

Saint-Gobain products & systems

Fire protection
Type X Fire Rated
Impact resistant
Extreme Abuse & Impact
Exterior wall
GlasRoc Sheathing
Ready to use
Ready Mix Finishing Compounds
Interior application – 1
Sustainable Insulation
Environmentally friendly
Sustainable Insulation
Acoustic control
CertainTeed Symphony® F, 15/16” + Decoutic Wall & Ceiling Panels + Decoustic Ceiling Clouds
Superior aesthetic and design
Decoutic Wall & Ceiling Panels + Decoustic Ceiling Clouds

Saint-Gobain Team

Tom Martorelli (Territory Sales Manager)