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Nivy Mall

SlovakiaSlovakiaCompany Name: HB Reavis Slovakia a. s.

Project description

Nivy Mall is a unique concept, combining modern and important city functions. Its combination of a modern bus terminal, a shopping centre with a strong brand portfolio, a fresh food market and a public green roof with multiple options for urban activities represents a rare opportunity for the further development of the entire New Nivy zone, where this project was built. The New Nivy zone finally acquired a long-awaited piece of the puzzle, enabling it to become part of Bratislava’s modern city centre.

Main information

Building size

102 000 m²

Building purpose / type


Building owner name

HB Reavis
Stanica Nivy

Architect name


Siebert + Talaš


Company name: HB Reavis Slovakia a. s.

Main Representative: Mr. René Popik

Number of collaborators: 700 worlwide

Specialties: Real estate development

Founded in: 1993

Biography: In HB Reavis, we go far beyond the simple promise of making people happy following the wellbeing approach in real estate development.
The synergies of our sub-brands and people centric way of thinking in mind allow us to approach all of our projects holistically and shift us from the role of a classical developer to international workspace provider operating on several European markets: UK, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.
Even though we deal with constructions, tons of stone and metal every day, our job goes further. We not only build spaces, we transform them into lively environments supporting communities of any kind and becoming vivid societies themselves. Our buildings are not only shaping the landscape of cities, they bring real value.

Contractor: Mr. René Popik

Key Challenges

  • Voids construction – complicated frame made from Rigips profiles that had to consider curving of construction boards. The void incorporates main escalator that is covered with gypsum boards and creates a unibody with the voids.

  • Excessive bending of the constructions,

  • Great emphasis on the quality of finishing big surfaces so that the natural light will not show any joints or imperfections in gypsum constructions.

  • Difficult solutions for anchoring heavy objects in Habito™ boards (chandeliers, metal ceiling tiles, …)

Key Achievements

  • Good relationship within the architect studio Siebert + Talaš and developer HB Reavis

  • Quality products that were suited for the special solutions used in this project

  • Custom and tailored solutions

  • Used solutions were certificated by 3rd party testing institutes

  • Exceptional technical support from our technical department (almost on a daily basis)

Saint-Gobain products & systems

Robustness guarantee
Impact resistant
Moisture resistance
Glasroc X
Acoustic control
4PRO, RigiStabil, Blue Accoustic board, RF board
Robustness guarantee
4PRO, RigiStabil, Blue Accoustic board, RF board
Fire protection
4PRO, RigiStabil, Blue Accoustic board, RF board + Glasroc F Ridurit

Saint-Gobain Team

Ing. Mário Juščík