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nZEB Office Comănești

RomaniaRomaniaCompany Name: Green Point Services

Project description

The office of HS Baco Panels in Comănești, Bacău reflects the vision of the company that the wood is an absorber of CO2 and can make a lasting contribution to the absorption of the greenhouse gas. The building is designed based on nZEB principles using innovative solutions. The structure is wooden, the panels are CLT (cross-laminated timber) and the other materials are light, yet the comfort for occupants is maximum.

Main information

Sustainability certification goal


Building size

880 m²

Building purpose / type

Office building

Building owner name

HS Baco Panels

Architect name

Sergiu Petrea – Tecto Architectura


Company name: Green Point Services

Main Representative: Mrs. Sabrina Ene-Butnariu

Number of collaborators: 40

Specialties: Installations (sanitary installations, thermal installations), Insulation (exterior, thermosystem), NZEB construction, CLT (Cross-laminated timber) construction

Founded in: 1991

Biography: We provide full systems with previously tested, working solutions, not just materials or equipments; solutions are custom tailored to the size and budget of each project to best fit the customer’s desires, without neglecting our common mission of building an eco-friendly, responsible, healthier environment.

Contractor: Mrs. Sabrina Ene-Butnariu

Key Challenges

  • The innovative products and solutions required many training sessions – with every stage of the project.
  • High fire protection solutions were required for dry lining and even for doors, given that the structure is made of wood.
  • Imported products from Vetrotech Switzerland and pipes sections from Czech Republic required very good planing of orders and deliveries to site.

Key Achievements

  • Products available in the Saint-Gobain group at international level to resolving fire resistance key challenges of the project.
  • Use of digital systems to estimate acoustic performances before choosing the solutions.
  • Good relationship/cooperation within the team of architect, contractor and Saint-Gobain team.
  • Very good planning of orders and deliveries
Owner’s testimonial
HS Baco Panels
Close cooperation with our partners based on trust is foundational for mutual success. We expect and demand honesty from our partners and, of course, compliance with all applicable rules and legislation.
Architect’s testimonial
Sergiu Petrea – Tecto Arhitectura
All our solutions pay close attention to the environment. Our team leader is certified passive house designer.

Saint-Gobain products & systems

Saint-Gobain Team

Willi Heisu, Gabriel Golumbeanu