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One Tower Offices SG Bucharest

RomaniaRomaniaCompany Name: Terano Construct S.R.L.

Project description

ONE UNITED TOWER – a 1400 m² modern office space in the first office building in Romania to achieve LEED v4 Platinum Building Design & Construction and WELL Health-Safety certifications ensuring that office occupants have superior health and safety conditions in the workplace. The offices have an attractive design and host ~100 employees in open offices and individual workspaces, conference rooms, socializing & kitchen areas.

Main information

Sustainability certification goal
Building size

1 400 m²

Building purpose / type

Office building

Building owner name

One United Properties

Architect name



Company name: Terano Construct S.R.L.

Main Representative: Mr. Ionuț Goga

Number of collaborators: 42

Specialties: Exterior & interior work & Rehabilitation, Installations (HVAC, sanitary installations, thermal installations, electrical installations) & Maintenance, Fire protection work, Office furnishings

Founded in: 2008

Biography: Terano Construct is a Romanian construction company with 100% private capital, founded in Bucharest in 2008. Since the first year of activity on the local market, Terano Construct has distinguished itself through professionalism, modern vision and innovative character in the field of construction, quickly acquiring the prestige of an earnest company that respects the highest quality standards. As a result, Terano Construct already ranks among the most respected engineering, construction, and project management companies in Romania in civil and industrial construction.

Innovation partners: Laurențiu Năstase (Ecophon) & Leon Buzatu (SGG)

Contractor: Mr. Ionuț Goga

Key Challenges

  • Short deadline from approved design to site execution, forcing the contractor to work night shifts also.
  • Client brought the special materials, like Ecophon Ceilings from Sweden and PrivaLite Glass directly to the site, putting more pressure on timely delivery.
  • Very new products, like Climaver, required high technical skills for their installation and close cooperation with Technical specialists.

Key Achievements

  • Direct involvement of the technical solution team from Saint-Gobain in training the Contractor team on innovative products installation – Habito®, Ecophon, Climaver, PrivaLite, Glasroc® F Riflex
  • Good cooperation between the architecture team and contractor team regarding a fit-out layout and site last-minute solutions
  • Working time flexibility from the contractor team
Owner’s testimonial
One United Properties
ONE UNITED TOWER – a modern 1 400 m² space in the first office building in Romania to achieve LEED v4 Platinum certification, the highest level required for this certification. In addition, the building is also WELL Health-Safety certified, ensuring that office occupants have superior health and safety conditions in the workplace. We appreciate tenants who use sustainable products in the fit-out stage of their office space personalisation.
Architect’s testimonial
Our ambition was to reduce the carbon footprint of the space through the use of lightweight materials that have a reduced impact on the building’s load-bearing structure, better enclosures that make heating and cooling costs more efficient, and higher-efficiency ventilation systems.

Saint-Gobain products & systems

Acoustic control
Straight Walls, Curved Walls, Acoustic Ceilings, Ventilation System CLIMAVER
Acoustic insulation
Curved Walls
Fire protection
Curved Walls, Fire Resistant Ceilings EI 60 (4.10.13), Ventilation System CLIMAVER
Productivity gain
Curved Walls, Straight Walls, Acoustic Ceilings, Ventilation System CLIMAVER
Indoor air quality
Straight Walls, Acoustic Ceilings
Impact resistant
Straight Walls
Light weight
Curved Walls, Straight Walls, Acoustic Ceilings
Environmentally friendly
Curved Walls, Straight Walls, Acoustic Ceilings
Neat finish
Acoustic Ceilings
Energy efficiency
Ventilation System CLIMAVER

Saint-Gobain Team

Cătălin Bălănescu, Dorin Roșioru, Adriana Marin, Laurențiu Năstase, Leon Buzatu