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Park of Princes

CroatiaCroatiaCompany Name: Biškić Gradnja d.o.o.

Project description

Park of Princes is guided by the vision of creating exceptional projects of the highest level of quality and architectural value, based on ecological awareness and complex technical solutions.

Inside the characteristic Zagreb block, there are buildings with different ground plans and height, surrounded by a park, whose volumes interact with the block’s greenery. Several typologies are combined: housing, business premises, and an urban park. The quality of the block structure in the center of the city, which inspired the project, enables quality urban living, a unique lifestyle, and cultural opportunities within a high urban density.

The exceptional amount of greenery that surrounds residential and commercial spaces, both in the environment and on all floors in the form of a vertical park, provides a unique feeling of living and is the main feature of this project.

Main information

Sustainability certification goal
Building size

4 991 m²

Building purpose / type

New private

Building owner name

VMD Model

Architect name



Company name: Biškić Gradnja d.o.o.

Main Representative: Mr. Matej Biškić
Mr. Ivo Biškić

Number of collaborators: 15 employees

Specialties: Residential buildings, Office buildings

Founded in: 1983

Biography: Biškić Gradnja d.o.o. is a company that unites several business segments, but the main are construction, interior and exterior design. They are based in Zagreb but the first steps are taken in 1983 in Basel, Switzerland. They have been operating in Switzerland for 22 years, with numerous successful projects. Entry into the Croatian market in 2005., the company has grown and formed into a serious and competitive company, valued for quality and responsibility.

Innovation Partner: KIK –Zagreb

Park of Princes - Gypsum International Trophy 2023

Contractors: Mr. Matej Biškić & Mr. Ivo Biškić


Company name: VMD Modul

Main Representative: Mr. Neven Mikec

Number of collaborators: 45

Specialties: Residential buildings, Office buildings

Founded in: 1991

Biography: MD Modul is the largest private developer and contractor specializing in the construction of premium residential and commercial spaces. In 25 years they built more than 400.000 BRP mostly in the capital Zagreb area.

Innovation Partner: KIK –Zagreb

Main Contractor: Mr. Neven Mikec

Owner’s testimonial
VMD Model
In addition to increasing the value of the natural environment, the urban heat island effect, noise and CO2 emissions are reduced. Our wish was to create a green oasis, not only for the residents but also for Zagreb citizens. The vision of the project is a new park in the city, not a new neighborhood. The main motive is something new, green, in line with green construction and sustainable construction.
Architect’s testimonial
The basic idea of the new block is the pedestrian connection of two streets, clear visibility and access to the city and the block, the creation of a new large green area – an urban park inside the block. The introduction of the park into the interior raises the quality of housing not only for the residents within the block, but also for the surrounding buildings.
The project includes several different housing typologies.
Innovation Partners’s testimonial
KIK –Zagreb
Our activities include dry construction, construction of suspended ceilings with gypsum and other materials, construction of partition walls as well as anything related to dry construction systems. On this project we gave support for innovative solutions to create pillar structure according to investor and architect vision.
Saint-Gobain Project Manager’s testimonial
It was challenging to follow the ideas and visions of architects and investors but with our multi-branding solutions and materials, we successfully applicated and created the environment following their technical requirements and aesthetics.
I am very proud of this fine-tuned project.

Saint-Gobain products & systems

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Uderground parking
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Saint-Gobain Team

Ivana Brkić, Bojan Borko

Photographer’s name

Jure Živković