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FranceFranceCompany Name: Orquin

Project description

The Pouponnière du Calvados is a structure which takes in some sixty children from 0 to 6 years of age in great distress each year. This complex project, designed with curved lines that provide a sense of security, owes its success to the synergy and anticipated organisation of the participants: the file was studied with the company over a period of 2 years, all the trades worked together within a very short timeframe of 7 months, and the logistical aspects were intelligently managed (anticipation of orders 2 months in advance, storage, etc.).

A range of technical solutions were deployed. Examples of this are :

  • Curved structures in Placoplatre® BA 6 forming islands,
  • Plaster and staff elements, all in the round,
  • Decorative ceilings in Rigitone® Activ’Air® 8-15-20 Super,
  • The construction of Placostil® 98/48 partition walls in Placo® Duo’Tech® 25.

The highlight of the project was the creation of the dome, the central point of the building, forming a six-petal flower. This required the bending of Stil® F 530 furring using a specially designed machine. The wooden arch, which was used as a template to connect the staff panels, was specially created in a workshop.

This site has high heat, fire, mechanical and acoustic performance: thermal resistance R=10, independent airtightness, fire resistance EI 60 and R 30, sound insulation of 67 dB in the separating section/47 dB in the distributing section and an acoustic correction of 0.50.

Main information

Building size

2 200 m²

Building purpose / type

Public and
social buildings

Building owner name


Architect name

Le Quernec


Company name: Orquin

Main Representative: Mr. Julien BOUHANA & Mr. Alexandre NEVEU

Number of collaborators: 28

Specialties: Drywall, Insulation, Demountable – non-demountable ceiling, Interior and exterior woodwork, Cladding, Customized fittings

Founded in: 1952

Biography: Orquin is a company specialising in interior fittings such as plasterboard, drywall, wooden ceilings and suspended ceilings. The company has its own workshop. 

Pouponnière - Gypsum International Trophy 2023

Contractors: Julien BOUHANA & Alexandre NEVEU

Key Challenges

  • Good relationship/cooperation within all the partners of the project (during Covid-19 crisis)

  • Use of a wooden arch, traditional technic for the curved dome (inspiration of a Ken Follett novel)

  • Innovative solution in order to respect the architect demands and to facilitate the work of the craftmen

  • Performances: Mechanical – Fire – Acoustic – Air quality – Thermal (justification with letter, PV, acoustic report, rule of art, technic assistance).

  • The place has a very high aesthetic quality and will be well appreciated to children

Key Achievements

  • Budget : 700 000 €

  • Time : 7 months (anticipation of orders before and special storage of goods to prevent robbery)

  • Technical challenges : building with many curves and round shapes

Architect’s testimonial
Paul LE QUERNEC, Architecte
The children need a sense of protection and isolation even more than in a nursery. They sleep here at night, unlike in a nursery. Our curved spaces with vaults make more sense

Saint-Gobain products & systems

Placoplatre® BA 6
Smooth mecanical finish
Lutèce® Projection 33 XPERT
Indoor air quality
Rigitone® Activ’Air® 8-15-20 Super
Acoustic insulation
Placo® Duo’Tech® 25

Saint-Gobain Team

Charles BEAUMIER, Alice HENRY & Emma RUAUD

Photographer’s name