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Prédio Habitacional Viseu

PortugalPortugalCompany Name: Tiago Lopes Isolamentos Unip.

Project description

New residential multifamily building with 8 fractions with different shapes in the exterior ceilings: open skylight element in the shape of a curve and exterior ceilings with inclinations.
This type of construction applied (light weight construction) was the option choosen to avoid heavy weight elements that would overload the structure of the building.

Main information

Building size

1 200 m²

Building purpose / type

Family house


Company name: Tiago Lopes Isolamentos Unip.

Main Representative: Mr. Tiago Coelho & Mr. Luís Marques

Number of collaborators: 15

Specialties: ETICS, Drywall

Founded in: 2016

Biography: Tiago Lopes Isolamentos Unip. is a specialist company in drywall and ETICS systems, based in Tondela – Portugal. It works mainly with private clients (70%), but also with contractors (30%). The company works on residential buildings, especially on single family houses. The activity is essentially in the center of Portugal, specific in Viseu. The company is costumer of Saint-Gobain for 6 years: Weber customers since 2017 and Placo® customers since 2020.

Contractor: Mr. Tiago Coelho

Key Challenges

  • Create a round shape in open skylight and the several slopes in ceillings.
  • Get perfect edge at the meeting point of two different ceiling orientations.
  • Low onsite space to manage the working flow simultaneously with swimming pool works.

Key Achievements

  • Team with experience in outdoor works.
  • Speed ​​and execution capacity in relation with the constraints of the work: low onsite space and limited execution time.
  • Product availability and technical support provided by Saint-Gobain.

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