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Rehabilitación Vivienda Villaviciosa

SpainSpainCompany Name: AISLAMIENTOS GOEN, S.L.

Project description

Rehabilitation of this single-family home located in the heart of the Villaviciosa estuary, a nature reserve of the biosphere. It is a space with a high load design, so its execution required a great deal of structural approach and high quality finishes.

Aesthetic and comfort , combined with quality as main project drivers
The project was stablished by concrete goals based in comfort and excellent finishig, where design meets quaility thanks to the complete solutions oriented execution in celings, partitions, and outdoor areas. By keeping its integration with the environment necessities and natural design.

Main information

Building size

400 m²

Building purpose / type

Private House

Architect name




Main Representative: Mr. David González Encina, Mr. Héctor González Encina

Number of collaborators: 5

Specialties: Residential buildings, integral projects management, plasterboard and insulation installation (ceilings, drywall, etc,)

Founded in: 2007

Biography: Installation company focus on renovation projects based on aesthetics and insulation performances as a main target on their job-sites.

Contractors: Mr. David González Encina, Mr. Héctor González Encina

Key Challenges

  • Multiple angles and height in ceilings which required highly detailed structural plan.

  • Perfect finishing in ceilings needed in spaces with grazing light.

  • Overcome the necessities of each space with a combination of different high-performance plasterboard and insulation solutions.

  • Solve the external areas with a perfect finishing in ceiling and an excellent cover in columns.

  • Thermal and acoustic insulation to guarantee the internal comfort based on the location of the building.

Key Achievements

  • Excellent finish according to architect design and light circumstances.

  • Capability to provide a wide range of solutions to overcome the performances needed in each space.

  • Perfect adaptation to aesthetics requirements in ceilings, partitions, walls and external applications.

  • Achieve the load and moisture requirements using a high performance and added value solution (Glasroc® X).

  • Guarantee the correct integration of the building into the landscape.

Saint-Gobain products & systems

Acoustic insulation
Arena APTA / IBR Mineral wool
Energy efficiency
Arena APTA
Impact resistant
Inspiring spaces
Superior aesthetic and design
Moisture resistance
Glasroc® X / Promix® Hydro / IBR Mineral wool
Fire protection
Glasroc® X

Saint-Gobain Team

Álvaro Nogueira, Paloma Moreno