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Renovation Amsterdam University Medical Center | UMC

NetherlandsNetherlandsCompany Name: Kwakman Groep | Volendam

Project description

How to renovate a fully operational hospital, without disturbing patients and doctors and keeping maximum safety and medical standards?

The Amsterdam University Medical Center | UMC, a huge complex of 560.000 m² with over 1.000 beds, undergoes the first extensive renovation since it was opened in 1983. 18 departments are renovated in phases.

The renovation is taking place while the hospital remains fully operational. To manage this extremely complicated project, contractor Kwakman developed a unique building concept ‘Cure’, which incorporates smart building components like efficient preparation, logistics and installation. Modular building, BIM engineering and pre-fabrication are crucial key elements for a successful implementation of this concept, as well as the use of a smart ‘shifting plan’ to manage the renovation floor by floor.

  • Modular building
  • BIM engineering
  • Pre-fabrication
  • Smart shifting plan (: cellular approach)
  • Logistical solutions

are key elements for a successful implementation of this concept.

Main information

Building size

23 000 m²

Building purpose / type


Building owner name

Universitair Medisch
Centrum Amsterdam,
locatie AMC

Architect name


EGM Architecten,


Company name: Kwakman Groep | Volendam | Netherlands

Main Representative: Mr. Jaap Buijs, Mr. Will Jonk

Number of collaborators: 60 to 250 persons including all project teams

Specialties: Drywall, metal stud walls and ceilings, interior design, Innovative solutions for lightweight construction

Founded in: 1985

Biography: Kwakman is engineer and producer of efficient, sustainable and high-end total drywall solutions, plastering and interior building. Kwakman works for contractors and customers who aim, just like they do, to make building smarter and faster. 
To achieve these improved processes, partnerships and cooperation are required. Kwakman innovates and optimizes in every stage of the building process. They increasingly distinguish themselves by strongly advanced BIM engineering, digitization, automation, standardization and pre-production.

Innovation Partner: Saint-Gobain Gyproc, Heijmans, Rosmalen

Renovation Amsterdam Medical Center | UMC - Gypsum International Trophy 2023

Contractors: Mr. Jaap Buijs, Mr. Will Jonk

Saint-Gobain products & systems

Saint-Gobain Team

Erik Heuvels, Stephan Vlaanderen

Photographer’s name

Eyelike, Pieter Bas Doornebal