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Senior Living Wildburg

GermanyGermanyCompany Name: G+K Ausbau- und Sanierung GmbH

Project description

The first part of the Wildburg was built in 1698 and the castle has had a vivid history with various different uses since then, such as home for the lords of Wiltberg, military hospital, home of the disabled, convent and finally a boarding school. In 2019 an investor decided to convert the Wildburg into a new use as a home for senior people.
The building complex consists of three parts of which two are listed buildings and the conversion was extremely complicated due to their previous different uses. To achieve the required fireprotection a huge variety of Rigips systems were necessary, in some cases even special solutions with Rigips Glasroc F 25 and Rigips Die Dicke 25 RF had to be developed. But effective sound insulation between the residential units also played considerable role. Therefore, Rigips Die Dicke 20, RigiProfil MultiTec studs as well as ISOVER Akustic TP & Akustic SSP mineral wool were used. Most bathrooms in the apartments didn’t have exterior windows. Their illumination with natural light was realised with skylights, carried out with plasterboard stripes and frameles glazing.
The result is an amazing retirement home which combines the charm of the old castle with modern living standards. The German jury praised the expert use of the contractor’s dry lining expertise which was necessary to develop the numerous constructions in order to achieve the required fire and sound protection. The building owner was very pleased with the overall result and already placed the next project with the contractor.

Main information

Building size

3 886 m²

Building purpose / type

Senior living in the listed castle Wildburg

Building owner name

Victoria S.á.r.l.

Architect name

Architekturbüro Jürgen Heyer


Company name: G+K Ausbau u. Sanierung GmbH

Main Representative: Mr. Michael Koch & Mr. Markus Groß

Number of collaborators: 60

Specialties: Drywall (plasterboard), Fire & acoustic prevention

Founded in: 1992

Biography: The company G+K Ausbau u. Sanierung GmbH was founded in 1992 by Mr. Michael Koch. From small beginnings, they have developed into one of the largest companies in this field and have attracted attention with intelligent and practical ideas. They provide tailor-made solutions for their customers creative freedom. They are conscious of their self-imposed high quality standards and their exemplatory projects won prices in the German national Trophy and in 2016 they were awarded with the Trophy in the hospitality category of the 10th Saint-Gobain International Trophy.

Contractors: Mr. Michael Koch & Mr. Markus Groß

Saint-Gobain products & systems

Fire protection
Rigips Glasroc F
Impact resistant
Rigidur Estrichelemente (gypsum fibre board)
Acoustic insulation
RigiProfil MultiTec
Smooth manual finish
Rigips ProMix Finish

Saint-Gobain Team

Henning Häusler

Photographer’s name

Katherina Müller, Limburg-Eschhofen