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Sustainable Residence Limassol

CyprusCyprusCompany Name: Marcon Designs Ltd.

Project description

The aim was to build the first Cross Laminated (CLT) Sustainable house in Greece and Cyprus.
Studies for this type of construction are almost 20 years old and have confirmed that this is the way forward, as also SG promotes.

Timber is a carbon sink and is the one of best solutions to the Climate change increasing demands. Timber construction, when protected from humidity, can last for ever and Building process can be very fast.

Cyprus is located in an extremely high seismic region and the timber construction guarantees no failures. In addition, Insurance companies insure timber constructions with lower fees.

In combination with Saint-Gobain’s innovative drywall and insulation systems, the target was to achieve excellent sound, fire, thermal insulation properties and technical breakthroughs.

Main information

Sustainability certification goal

Passive House

Building size

600 m²

Building purpose / type

New private house

Building owner name

Petoussis Loizos

Architect name

Touliatos Panagiotis
& Pelekanos Marios


Company name: Marcon Designs Ltd.

Main Representative: Marios Consanti

Number of collaborators: 45

Specialties: Dry Lining – ETICS, Decoration – 3D Wall Panels

Founded in: 2005

Biography: Marcon Designs Drywall company is a family-owned and operated drywall company, founded in 2008. The founder is Marios Consanti, who has experience during the last 20 years in the Drywall industry and constructions in general. Works with a wide range of clients ranging from single-family house owners to the largest Construction companies of Cyprus. Specializes into Certified Drywall Systems for interior and exterior, fire rated systems as well as sound and thermal insulation. The aim of the company is to provide the best result in design and satisfy the customers needs as regards to quality and standards.

Innovation Partner: PETOUSSIS CHRYSIS, Executive Director, Petoussis Bros Ltd

Contractor: Marios Consanti

Saint-Gobain products & systems

Indoor air quality
with automatic control of natural air flow and plasterboards that reduces formaldehydes
Impact resistant
for internal linings by using ‘strong’ plasterboards (Rigidur Active Air, Duragyp Active Air)
Robustness guarantee
use of Rigips metal profiles in nearer distances
Moisture resistance
H1 – Highest classification for Humid Resistance) and Weber render
Air tightness
with SG glass systems for exterior associated with Bituver Syntolight (breathable membrane)
Structurally validated
with CLT to withstand Country’s highest seismic activity and specs
Environmentally friendly
by using Insulation (ISOVER) and colors with highest recycling content and environmental approvals
Recycling certified
when CLT structure and Dry Lining systems can be recycled 100%

Saint-Gobain Team

Manos Giannakopoulos

Photographer’s name

Marios Constanti