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Villa Guyvonney

FranceFranceCompany Name: Mandon Fils

Project description

This remarkable 400 m2 villa was built in 1909 in the French region of Charente. Mandon Fils faced many technical challenges to meet the client’s renovation project and achieve the desired high heat and sound performance. 2,300 hours of work were required to meet the deadline.

The main issue was sound insulation, on several levels:

  • for the creation of a cinema room in the main living area, offering impeccable sound quality for a unique sensory experience. The company relied on reinforced insulation with a first plaster lining in Placo® Phonique BA 13, then a second in Rigitone® Activ’Air® 8-15-20 Super. On the ceiling, two Placo® Phonique BA 13 panels were covered with Rigitone® Activ’Air® 8-15-20 Super. An ideal combination to create a real living space that prioritizes acoustic comfort and indoor air quality,
  • in the rear facade equipped with linings at the level of the rooms, with a view to protecting oneself from the neighbourhood for optimal peace and quiet and feeling at home,
  • for the integration of a lift, rare on this type of building, whose walls were covered with Placo® Phonique Rénomince®.

The sound insulation was also reinforced on the ceilings of the other rooms in the villa, with two Placo® Phonique BA 13 panels. It should be noted that all the separating walls were installed on a Placostil® SAD system with Placo® Duo’Tech® 25. All the insulation in the villa was carried out using Isover solutions (except for the ground floor).

Main information

Building size

400 m²

Building purpose / type

private house

Building owner name

SCI Guyvonney


Company name: Mandon Fils

Main Representative: Julien BOUHANA & Alexandre NEVEU

Number of collaborators: 21

Specialties: Plasterwork, Insulation, Partitions, Suspended ceilings

Founded in: 1947

Biography: For three generations, Mandon Fils has specialized in renovation work. They have an experienced team of professional craftsmen and qualified building technicians, supported by an internal design office.

Villa Guyvonney - Gypsum International Trophy 2023

Contractors: Alexandre NEVEU & Julien BOUHANA

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