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AustriaAustriaCompany Name: Schösser Michael Stuckateuer & Trockenbau

Project description

Within only six weeks a small winery with a floor area of 45 m² was built in Wattens in Tirol.
For the realisation of the wine cellar, an unusually large portfolio of dry interior finishing was used. 155 m² of wall and ceiling area was completely redesigned in dry construction.
The partition walls to the adjoining rooms as well as in the area of the exterior wall received a wall lining made of cement boards Aquaroc, which ensures the required fire protection, but at the same time also protects against mould and has a positive influence on the room climate. Insulated with Isover mineral wool, the wall lining also increases the sound insulation.
The visual and technical highlight of the new interior design is a flat cross vault including a dome in the centre of the room. The construction, which is suspended from the load-bearing ceiling, was made with Glasroc F Riflex boards, which are perfectly suited for the curved surfaces. Both, the cross and dome vaults are decorated with Rigips stucco plaster. To create clean ridges in the dome vault, a special template was made and the stucco was precisely drawn. Numerous design elements, such as a stucco console, stucco columns and pilasters or a stucco rosette, were designed and cast by drywallers and then merely installed on site. The ceiling surfaces were elaborately reworked in gold using Venetian spatula technique. All walls, the openings of the wine cellar shelves as well as the cross vaulting were given a filling of marble powd

Main information

Building size

45 m²

Building purpose / type


Building owner name

Christine-Maria Nagiller

Architect name

Michael Schösser


Company name: Michael Schösser Stuckateur & Trockenbau

Main Representative: Mr. Michael Schösser

Number of collaborators: 2

Specialties: Commercial interior and exterior systems contractor specializing in walls and ceilings

Founded in: 2010

Biography: Whether ornate stucco or exclusive drywall work – his drywall company in Fritzens can offer a wide range of services throughout Tyrol in terms of stucco work and spatula techniques, beautification, renovation and finishing of interiors, façade design, vaulting and wine cellar construction.

Contractor: Mr. Michael Schösser

Key Challenges

  • Bending radius of the cross vault
  • Finish work within 6 weeks
  • Useage of different Stucco technics
  • Stucco was directly made on the cross vault
  • Indirect lightning

Key Achievements

  • Longterm relationship between Rigips Sales Team and company owner
  • High product quality
  • Installer has good experience with Rigips Stucco Plaster as it has the best quality

Saint-Gobain products & systems

Smooth manual finish
Rigips Stucco Plaster
Moisture resistance
Rigips Aquaroc
Allows curved design
Glasroc F Riflex
Acoustic insulation
Isover Mineral wool

Saint-Gobain Team

Michael Allesch