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Adora Flatiron

MacedoniaMacedoniaCompany Name: Ritam Trejd

Project description

The project Adora Flatiron in the heart of Skopje is a striking residential building with a height of 60 meters with 16 floors- with 279 modern homes and luxirious penthouse apartments within a total surface area of over 23,000 m². This project was inspired by the famous New York building on Manhattan’s 5th Avenue Fuller Flatiron. The building has won the prestigious international award The Bizz 2016, in Monte Carlo, Monaco, from the World Business Confederation for Exceptional Innovation in Style and Quality of Housing and the National Award from the Ministry of Economy for Building Green Homes without eco and noise pollution, as part of the worldwide campaign for building green cities. With the installation of the high performance acoustic system solution of the Saint-Gobain materials-Rigips Blue Acoustic RFI system- this project raised the sound isolation criteria significantly above the standards. Thus, the interest of this project increased for the Saint-Gobain Trophy.


Ritam Trejd

Ritam Trejd DOO Skopje is founded in 2009 as a partner company with B+M Ritam Belgrade and operates as a part of the Austrian Group Baustoff+Metall Gruppe Vienna, Austria, an international company with presence in 15 European countries. International cooperation with the regional partner proves the constant high-level approach towards the clients in its offer of the products as well as in the high level of performance of installation of materials in projects.

Fire protection
Fire resistance / 2 x Blue Acoustic RFI +Isover Akusto 50 system A2-s1-d0
Moisture resistance
Water resistance /2 x Blue Acoustic RFI +Isover Akusto 50 system -Water vapour diffusion resistance factor, μ-6-10
Acoustic insulation
Sound insulation / 2 x Blue Acoustic RFI +Isover Akusto 50 system -53,75 dB

Key Achievements

  • Great support from the Rigips Hungary team. Excellent cooperation between our partners Ritam Trejd and the investor Adora Inzenering. Innovative acoustic solution Rigips Blue Acoustic system. This project signifantly raised the acoustic performance criteria above the standards.

Key Challenges

One of the key challenges of this project was the certified laboratory measurement with the Saint-Gobain materials before the start of the project in the Insitute for Testing of Materials (IMS) in Belgrade, Serbia on December 15th, 2015. When offer was given to the contractor Ritam Trejd, laboratory measurement was performed and the results showed performance of Rw=55 dB (system made with 2 layers of Rigips Blue Acoustic RFI boards, Rigips profiles, Joint filler Vario and Isover Akusto 50) . Moreover, another key challenges was the acoustic comfort measurement after the installation of the Saint-Gobain materials on the project site by Geing Krebs und Kiefer International which showed acoustic performance index of R’ – R’w = 53.75 dB.


Building owner:
Vanco Cifliganec
Nina Strezoska
Main contractor:
Antonio Cvetkovski
Nikola Kumev
Saint-Gobain Team:
Dimce TrendafilovNada Dobrevska