Digital edition 2021 | Non-residential

Barceló Budapest Hotel

HungaryHungaryCompany Name: Europroperty Zrt.

Project description

Barceló Budapest is a hotel with basement+ground floor+8 floors including 179 rooms – it is partly a renovation work, partly new building. Király utca, where the hotel is situated is a very narrow street in the downtown of Budapest. The wing on the street front is the oldest part of the building and was originally a bank headquarter. The middle wing was added later, with a completely different structure. At that time also the function was changed to office building. The project included the renovation of both wings and the addition of a third wing towards the backyard. 2 additional floors were also built above the old building parts. The project provided several challenges but it was clear from the very beginning that dry-wall systems are required – mainly because of load-bearing, fire resistance and acoustic reasons. The many different requirements called for many different wall systems which Saint-Gobain was able to supply, therefore Rigips systems were specified and installed.


Europroperty Zrt.

The company was founded in 2000 to develop, design and build middle-size, mainly non-residential real-estates. Their business concept is to take everything in one hand: act as developer, designer and general contractor, too. They have their own dry-lining and plastering installation team, although they sometimes work with sub-contractors, as well. They have an innovative mindset and work with up-to-date technologies. Their “ars poetica” is: professional development of the built environment can ony be based on complex knowledge and professional experience.

Fire protection
A1 EI 90 protection for load-bearing columns: CW50 2xRF15 mm+A1 Rigidur® H 15 mm shaft wall system + CW50 RB12,5 mm dry-lining for electrical wiring.
Acoustic insulation
55 dB sound insulation between rooms: 2xCW75 double stud system with 5xRF12,5 mm boards and Isover Akusto insulation.

Key Achievements

  • Great sound performance of walls between rooms – all fire protection requirements fulfilled – on-time and exact delivery in small amounts – great cooperation with distributor partners

Key Challenges

Because of the dense neighborhood, the height and the function of the building very strict fire requirements are valid including A1 fire class systems protecting the load-bearing structure and the escapes routes. Therefore 22 different types of drywall systems were specified. It needed close attention during the installation period not to mix them up. Because of the load-bearing limits of the existing building parts the lightest possible systems were needed which could fulfil the required sound-insulation performance. Rigips was involved in the early design phase to consult on unique solutions.
Logistics was also a big challenge. Since it is a very narrow street with lots of restaurants, bars and other tourist attractions, the builders were allowed to use only a 19,60×5,20 m2 space for material supply purposes. It required very punctual deliveries in small volumes – marked with floor designations etc.


Building owner:
Sunbelt Király Kft.
Gábor Sallai
Main contractor:
Europroperty Zrt.
Máté István Földesi
Saint-Gobain Team:
György Ignácz – Rigips, Mária Szentesi – Rigips