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Canopy by Hilton

MexicoMexicoCompany Name: Acabados Competentes SA de CV

Project description

Canopy by Hilton Cancun La Isla, a new, urban hotel of 12,500 sqm and 174 rooms and suites, that has been created beside the Nichupté Lagoon in Cancun’s hotel zone. Close from some of the area’s best shopping, restaurants and white sand beaches, Canopy offers quiet stays and business combination in wonderful place to stay responding at the huge demand of multifunctional spaces, in city where the mix of business and holidays is always present. The challenge of living with the commercial area and giving users a new experience makes this concept more interesting. Canopy represents the presentation of this new concept and brand of Hilton hotels in the Mexican market, which will surely be a great cover letter. Design, decoration of local artists and a great concept are combined in Canopy which makes it a worthy competitor of Trophy 2020.


Acabados Competentes SA de CV

As response to the demand of the construction market to get the high quality service to build and remodeling spaces, we develop a business that offers the solutions and innovation that meet the customer expectations in the Commercial Buildings market. New products and technologies that are applied worldwide, are now available in the Mexican construction market.

Fire protection
All the emergency exits and safety stairs where considered to meet the fire resistance regulations.
Inspiring spaces
Rooms are comfortable, modern spaces with amenities, murals from local artists.
Moisture resistance
Plaka® RH is the right solution in the area of the coast and to be the bathrooms walls indicated to resist the high humidity conditions of the area. Bathrooms are equipped with WR boards

Key Achievements

  • Integrated multifunctional space. Build a Hotel linked to a shopping center to give new functionality to the building and improve the user experience.
  • Business and Holidays working together in a modern hotel perfectly located in the city, close to all the key areas, beach, shops, restaurants, hospitals, business centers and recreational areas.

Key Challenges

The construction time in the area, considering the remodeling and extension of the shopping center that will host the Hotel area, located at one of the busiest area in the city.
The availability of materials, considering the distance from the manufacturing sites make complicated to get all the supplies on time, even with a full project planning process.
Special spaces for storage of materials, to guarantee the stability of the products, considering that it is an area of high humidity and high temperatures.


Building owner:
PARKS Hospitality SA de CV – Jacobo El-Mann
AoMa Studio
Main contractor:
Acabados Competentes SA de CV
Aeleen Angeles Rosas
Saint-Gobain Team:
Mauricio Castaneda, Carlos Figueroa, Rodrigo Alejandro Guemes, Luis Alberto Vega