Centre des Congrès

FranceFranceCompany Name: A.Y Gouraud

Project description

The monolithic inspired Centre des Congrès (Congress centre) in Jonzac, comprises several event rooms over its 3 000 m2 surface. Its entrance hall particularly challenged the contractor to high levels of technical expertise. The architect designed its spectacular high ceilings and walls, with multiple angles and slopes using Gyptone® Activ’Air®. To maximise acoustic performances, perforated panels were creatively arranged on the ceiling.


A.Y Gouraud

A.Y GOURAUD is a family owned company from 1995, it is originally a plaster company. They are from Jonzac, it was a pleasure and very important for them to work in this project. It is worth mentioning that A.Y GOURAUD is a new member of the Club entreprises Placo® since 2019.

Acoustic control
Acoustic / Gyptone® Activ’Air® – absorption αw 0,7
Superior aesthetic and design
Neat finish / Gyptone® Activ’Air®

Key Achievements

  • Good relationship/cooperation with the architect
  • An ambitious interior design, with so much angles and tilts
  • The isolation, acoustic and aesthetic performance requirements with a precise architect layout plan
  • This project was important for the contractor knowing that the boss was born in Jonzac

Key Challenges

  • 1,5 months for the laying of the membrane
  • 3,5 months for the laying of the entrance hall ceiling
  • 10 m height work with various angles and many calculating measures
  • Achievement of all project plastery boarding in all rooms, hidden by wooded decoration.
  • Perfect finishes touches so important due to the natural lights
  • Brand new type of project for the contractor


Building owner:
Main contractor:
A.Y Gouraud
Yann Werdefroy
Saint-Gobain Team:
Christophe Geiller