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Dhirubai Ambani International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DAICEC)

IndiaIndiaCompany Name: DHIPL Projects Pvt Ltd

Project description

Dhirubai Ambani International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DAICEC) ,a mixed-use development of G+18 floors is located in the heart of Mumbai . Covering 75,000 m2 of land with 788,340 m2 of useable floor space, the iconic development boasts of housing various facilities including a convention and banqueting facility; exhibition halls; a performance arts centre with a seating capacity of 2,000 people; premium service apartments; as well as prime retail and high-end commercial spaces. Currently known as Jio World Centre, this project showcases to be more than twice the size of Burj Khalifa (operational floor area wise) is developed by Reliance Industries Ltd , the largest conglomerate in the country owned by Asia’s Richest man Shri Mukesh Ambani. This project is expected to accommodate a floating population of 38000 a day.


DHIPL Projects Pvt Ltd

In a country as diverse as India, finding the right team in each part is a massive operational challenge. Owing to our experience and an outstanding network, we possess the capability to carry out projects in all regions of India. Lead by a team of experienced, hands-on Management Team, Decor Homes was started in 1989 by 3 entrepreneurs, who have harnessed each other’s strengths to grow the company with a turnover of US $30 million.The one attribute that makes us stand apart in the business of Turnkey Civil & Interior Project Execution.By having a synergy with quality building material and technology, we can apply new techniques to projects and in the end, give a better output and also adhere to challenging project timelines.From first thought to final nail, we strive to achieve perfection, with a passion to exceed our clients expectations.DHIPL is an ISO & OHSAS certified company. We have been consistently recognized for our commitment.

Fire protection
First Elevator Shaft wall with 2 hours fire rating executed in India. Gypwall® Fireresist with FR and FRMR boards were used for 2 hours fire rating
Acoustic insulation
Twin frame Drywall partitions provide 50 dB acoustic insulation. Also junctions of movable/foldable partitions were soundproofed
Superior aesthetic and design
Superior Aesthetics achieved in flex areas and concourse with seismic ceiling accommodating metal designer frames
Inspiring spaces
Largest business value project in the country with 8 Mn Euros which would have a floating footfall of 38000 a day inspiring many
Productivity gain
Gyproc® Drywalls and ceilings ensured faster completion of the landmark project considering the vast scope of work
Term cost
Gyproc provided shaft wall on 1st and 2nd floor for 280 mtr x 100 mtr cover of the CEC area to avoid scaffolding costs
Easy to transport boards
Gyproc boards were used in partitions and ceilings ,that are light weight and easy to transport

Key Achievements

  • Timely Solutions, Innovation offerings, Design & services support for the largest convention centre project in the country
  • Largest Business value project by any Gypsum manufacturer ever in India – Value sales more than 8 Mn Euros
  • First Elevator Drywall shaft solution executed in India
  • First heavy seismic ceiling solution executed in India with GFRG + Ecophon ceiling and Acoustic plaster with metal designer frame
  • Multi Floors shaft wall for 18 mtr height provided for hall with dimensions of 280 mtr x 100 mtr enabling huge savings in scaffolding costs

Key Challenges

More than 40 customised SKU’s provided for varying heights across the project scope
Exhaust room Drywall designed for 2000 Pa
200 kg loading provision on Drywall with MS support structures
Dry wall termination detail between deck slab/steel building
Customised detail for partition sky fold, openable partition.
Customised detail for Seismic ceiling with Heavy loading – GFRG panels and Ecophon tile and Acoustical plaster with Designer frame.
Customised detail for various junctions and for different heights.
First time offering sku of 3 mtr 15 mm FR board manufactured in India
Client demanded for dedicated resources –Design & field Technical for Ceilings and partitions separately which was acknowledged by Gyproc India


Building owner:
Reliance Industries Ltd
Hafeez Contractor
Main contractor:
DHIPL Projects Pvt Ltd
Saint-Gobain Team:
Mr.Pradeep Mishra, Mr.Balakrishnan Perumal, Mr.Pankaj Mehta